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Visual Identity Standards

On September 3, 2013, the University of Calgary introduced a comprehensive new collection of visual identity guidelines to go along with our refreshed identity graphics. They are accessible and downloadable on this page in a series of chapters, as listed below.  

1.0 Identity basics: the logo, ceremonial marks, lock-ups, colours, and typography   April 2017  
2.0 Energize brand platform: leveraging our distinct brand position   available on request  
4.0 University of Calgary Dinos: the logo, team wordmarks, the Dino head   May 2017  
5.0 Writing style guide: to capitalize or not to capitalize?   February 2017  
6.0 Stationery: letterhead, business cards, folders, greeting cards, name tags, certificates and more   March 2017  
7.0 Advertising: design and process for external-facing advertising   January 2014  
9.0 Photography and illustration: guidance on style, tone and perspective   January 2017  
11.0 Branded merchandise: apparel, giftware and customized items   December 2015  
12.0 Presentations: PowerPoint, Keynote, tips for creating great presentations   April 2015  
13.0 Signage and wayfinding: how to plan and order signage   February 2014  
14.0 Video: intro and outro graphics, super/titling treatments   April 2015  
15.0 Eyes High: using campaign graphics, relationship with university identity   April 2017  
16.0 Vehicle graphics: fleet identity marks and promotional campaigns   April 2015  
17.0 The UC Interlock: how to use the 'UC' spirit mark   July 2014  
18.0 Hotel Alma: custom treatment for this important retail brand    January 2017  
20.0 Olympic Oval: how to use the Oval graphics within the university identity January 2017  
22.0 Alumni: custom treatment for Alumni promotions and publications August 2015  
 23.0 Schulich School of Engineering: how to use the legacy graphics within the university identity    January 2017  
24.0 Haskayne School of Business January 2017