COVID - 19

Frequently Asked Questions

Earlier this summer, the Government of Alberta removed COVID – 19 restrictions—isolation is recommended, but no longer a legislated requirement for individuals who have symptoms or test positive for COVID-19.

The University of Calgary requirements are that employees and students who are sick must not come to campus (classes, labs, The Landing etc.). This does not include residence as it is your home.

Q: How to I get my meals if I test positive for COVID?
A: You can have a friend pick up your meals at The Landing. Please make sure that your friend has your Unicard and let the cashier at The Landing know that they are picking up a meal for a sick friend.

Q: Does Residence have self-isolation rooms available if I, or my roommate test positive for COVID?
A: With the removal of government restrictions, Residence Services no longer provides self-isolation rooms. if you have COVID-19 symptoms or you have tested positive for Covid-19, we strongly encourage you to stay in your unit and isolate and follow Alberta Health Services (AHS) recommended isolation guidelines.

Q: Do I need to self-isolate if I've been a close contact of someone who tested positive for COVID?
A: If you are a close contact of people with COVID-19 you should monitor yourself for symptoms for seven days after your last exposure.

Q: My roommate tested positive. How will I self-isolate if I live in shared room and shared bathroom?
A: It will not always be possible to isolate completely from other residents, but there are still ways to keep each other safe. If you need to leave your room or floor to access shared spaces (e.g., common areas, washrooms, shared floor washrooms etc.):

  • Wear a well-fitted mask
  • Stay at least two metres away from others
  • Practice regular hand washing
  • Disinfect/clean your area
  • Consider accessing spaces during off-peak hours, when possible
  • Minimize face-to-face interactions

Q: Can I get free mask or rapid test kits in Residence?
A: Yes. There are free rapid test kits, hand sanitizer and Lysol spray that you can pick up at the Campus Service Centre, located in International House.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at