Residence R.E.P Team

The Residence R.E.P. Team aims to do the following:

  • Act as Representatives of Residence Services to prospective students and their families. The team will represent Residence Services in a variety of ways, including facilitating tours and creating engaging social media posts that represent the values of Residence Services.
  • Educate the residence community, both current and prospective residents, on the value of living in Residence.
  • Promote residence initiatives via social media. This includes creating informative social media posts that advertise Residence-wide notices, programs, and opportunities.


The UCalgary Residence R.E.P Team is looking for passionate and creative volunteers to join our team! Looking for an opportunity to get involved in Residence, network with other Residence groups, and gain valuable leadership experience? The R.E.P Team might be just what you’re looking for. As a volunteer with the R.E.P Team, you’ll get the chance to:

  • Create exciting social media campaigns!
  • Lead incoming residents on tours around our Residences!
  • Share your experiences with the campus community and contribute to bettering the experiences of other residents!

Build your leadership skills, flex your creativity, and earn CCR credits in the process! For more information, reach out to