After installing and opening the WayToPark App, you can choose to create a new user or sign in to an existing account. Follow the instructions to input information including your name, password, license plate(s) and payment method(s).

No, enter your plate information without spaces.

Parking Enforcement will check the actual plate numbers displayed to identify which parked vehicles have paid for parking and which have not, at any given time. The paid parking session information is saved on a server and accessed by Parking Enforcement.

This is the exact same process used for purchases made at a pay station. To ensure you have a valid paid session, please enter the license plate number exactly as it is displayed on the vehicle licence plate you have parked.

Log into the WayToPark App. Select “My Info” and then “Notifications”. From there, you can select notifications based on the following options:

  • Session started
  • Session expired
  • Session extended
  • Session stopped 

You will find receipts of your Completed purchases in “My info” “Receipts”. The receipt (PDF) can be sent to an e-mail.

Yes, WayToPark complies with strict security regulations and all card numbers are encrypted.

Yes, WayToPark uses the highest possible security for all transactions. The Swedish developer of WayToPark is one of the global leaders in payment solutions for parking.