These FAQs will be regularly updated as the situation evolves.

As of April 2, 2020:

Q. Will Residence be shutting down?

  • A. Currently, there are no plans to close Residence Services. Residence is working closely with the University of Calgary Emergency Operations Group. We will immediately inform Residents of any changes to the current state and provide further information and direction. If the university were to shut down, residence would continue to operate for those students who require housing.

Q. Are all the Residence Services Office open?

  • A. The Crowsnest Office is closed, but the main Residence Services office in the Dining Centre is still open.

Q. Will students be required to go home?

  • A. If you are a domestic student living with us and are able to return home, the we are encouraging you to do so by March 29, 2020. 
  • B. If you are an international student living with us, we understand there may be some challenges in returning home with recent announcements regarding international flight cancellations. We want to ensure you we will continue to support students with housing during this period.

Q. Will The Landing remain open if the University shuts down and Residence stays opened?

  • A. The Landing will remain open to residents. Due to the Government of Alberta ban on gatherings of 15 people or more, the Landing will only offer take out. Residents will not be allowed to stay to eat in the Landing. 
  • Check The Landing website for hours of operation.

Q. Can I make residence payments in person?

Q. I have decided to leave Residence, what are my next steps?

  • A. If you are planning to leave for the remainder of this term, fill out and hand in this vacating notice. If you choose to return home you will receive a prorated refund for residence and meal plan fees.
  • B. If you have already moved out, please fill out the vacating notice and inform our office at that you have left. This notice is required to initiate your refund. Your pro-rate will only be assessed from the date that you informed our office of your departure.
  • C. You are required to clean your unit prior to vacating.

Q. Can I catch COVID through the vent systems in Residence?

  • A. No. The virus is spread through contact which means: touching a person or object directly, such as door handles, that have droplets on them from an infected person’s cough or sneeze. Unwashed hands contaminated with COVID-19 can introduce the virus to your body when you touch your eyes, mouth or nose. 

Q. What is residence doing in order to lower the risk to students living on campus.

  • A. Residence Housekeeping is following AB Health procedures. Phase I: We have increased cleaning in the common areas, kitchens and bathrooms and are focusing on high touch points in residence. Housekeeping will disinfect and clean self-isolation rooms 24 hours after the rooms have been vacated.
  • Electro static sprayer will be used in high gathering areas, common areas, kitchens etc.

Q. Can current students extend their stay in residence past April 30 if they decide to not go home for the summer?

  • A. Yes, you will need to fill out a Spring/Summer application. 

Q. Does the University of Calgary have self-isolation rooms?

  • A. Yes, Residence does have rooms set aside for self-isolation.

Q. Are there any students in self-isolation at this time?

  • A. Yes, we do have individuals in self-isolation rooms. Those in self-isolation do not pose a risk to other residents. Currently, there are no positive COVID – 19 cases in Residence.

Q. Is there a central contact to direct questions about COVID-19 or self-isolation in residence?

Q. What happens to my belongings if i have already left?

  • A. Inform Residence Services that you have left at Residence services will then bag and label all of your items and keep them in storage until you are able to pick them up. Residence Services is not responsible for any missing or damaged items.

Q. Does Residence have storage lockers that are available for rent?

  • Yes, storage lockers are available. Please contact Residence Services at for further information.

Q. Am i allowed guests in residence?

  • A. Residence has implemented a no guest policy at this time.

Q. How can I contact my Community Advisor?

  • Community Advisors are on call 24/7. They have new phone numbers to be reached at.

Q. Can I cancel me meal plan?

Q. What is physical distancing?

  •  Physical distancing is essential to limiting the spread of the virus and protecting your health. These measures are vitally important and in place to maintain everyone’s health and safety.
  • Government of Canada information on the importance of preventing COVID – 19, hygiene, cleaning, how to self-isolate and other resources to help flatten the curve.

Q. Do I have to purchase my own toilet paper?

  • Yes, students are required to purchase their own toilet paper. 

Q. Are there new fire alarm muster points?