These FAQs will be regularly updated as the situation evolves.

Here is a resource guide to help answer questions residents might have and to help find support during this time.

As of Aug. 7, 2020:

Q. Will masks be mandatory on campus?

Q. Will Residence be open for Fall 2020?

  • A. Yes, we will be open for the Fall 2020 term. Residence offers have been sent to students. 

Q. Are all the Residence Services Office open?

  • A. The Crowsnest Office is closed, but the main Residence Services office in the Dining Centre is still open.

Q. Will The Landing be open for the Fall 2020 term?

  • The Landing will be open for dine-in service for the Fall 2020 term with unlimited All You Care To Eat Meal plans, including a full-service model where staff will assist students with various food and beverage items. Following Alberta Health Services guidelines, there will be reduced seating capacity, enhanced cleaning procedures, and directional and physical distancing signage.

Q. Can I make residence payments in person?

  • Residence Services is no longer taking in person payments. Students can pay through bank transfer and Global Pay. UCalgary Affiliates can pay over the phone by calling our office at 403-220-3210.

Q. Can I catch COVID through the vent systems in Residence?

  • A. No. The virus is spread through contact which means: touching a person or object directly, such as door handles that have droplets on them from an infected person’s cough or sneeze. Unwashed hands contaminated with COVID-19 can introduce the virus to your body when you touch your eyes, mouth or nose. 

Q. What is residence doing in order to lower the risk to students living on campus?

  • Residence Housekeeping is following AB Health procedures by enhancing cleaning and disinfecting schedules for all shared spaces and high touch surfaces.
  • All common areas have been closed for the fall term.

Q. Does the University of Calgary have self-isolation rooms?

  • Yes, Residence does have rooms set aside for self-isolation for those residents living with us that need to self-isolate. More info

Q. Is there a central contact to direct questions about COVID-19 or self-isolation in residence?

Q. Am I allowed guests in residence?

  • Residence has a no guest policy for the fall 2020 term.

Q. What is physical distancing?

  •  Physical distancing is essential to limiting the spread of the virus and protecting your health. These measures are vitally important and in place to maintain everyone’s health and safety.
  • Government of Canada information on the importance of preventing COVID – 19, hygiene, cleaning, how to self-isolate and other resources to help flatten the curve.

Q. Are there new fire alarm muster points?

Q. Will the community kitchens in YA and GV stay open?

  • The kitchens in YA and GV are closed for safety measures and will stay closed until further notice.
  • Hot plates can be purchased from Residence Services front desk, for residents that are living in two and three-bedroom suites in these buildings.

Q. Will Residence Services provide me a self-isolation unit if I travel from an international location prior to the start of the fall term?

  • Incoming international students who have an active fall residence booking and are arriving in Calgary after Aug. 10, are able to self-isolate in Residence. There will be a fee of $30 per night up to Aug. 30. Food option(s) will be available at an additional cost. More info
  • Residence Services will not be offering self-isolation for non-residents.

Q. Can Residence Services hold my parcels that I plan on sending prior to my arrival to Calgary?

  • Yes, we can hold the parcels in the residence office until you are able to pick them up after your self-isolation. 

Q. Since I am a visiting scholar, will Residence Services help me with miscellaneous gadgets - computer, cell phone?

  • Please contact your faculty and supervisor regarding this request. Residence Services will be unable to provide you any miscellaneous gadgets. 

Q. Since I am a visiting scholar, will Residence Services provide me a self-isolation unit?

  • Incoming international scholars and visitors will be responsible for arranging their own self-isolation off campus. Self-isolation hotel rates.

Q. If I can’t return to campus and move into residence due to travel restrictions, can I defer my fall residence booking to the winter term?

 Q. If I cancel my booking for the fall term, will you refund my advance payment?

  • Yes, Residence will work with you to refund your advance payment should you choose to cancel your booking with us. Please fill out this form to inform us your intent for the fall term as soon as you are able to. 

Q. Will there be any changes to the Residence Agreement to incorporate Covid-19?

  • Yes, there is a Covid19 addendum that residents must follow along with Community Standards and the Residence Agreement. You can find all information on our website.