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Jump-Start Your Job Search with UCalgary Alumni

A five-part series of advice from alumni to alumni

In January and February, the online UCalgary Alumni Bulletin shared interviews, videos and podcasts loaded with expert advice and market insights to help you amp up your job search strategy.

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NEW - Part 6 - Test our Tips, Network for Real 

Because there’s been so much interest and positive feedback, we’ve extended the Jump-Start Series by one more week. Our experts and volunteers have agreed to get together to give you a chance to ask them questions about content, solicit their advice and meet other alumni looking to expand their network. Join us for an hour-long online, chat-based networking session.

Date: February 23, 2016
Time: noon - 1 p.m. MST
Place: Online

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Part 5 - How to Survive and Thrive in Trying Times

The last of our five-part series focuses on how to stay optimistic and motivated in a dismal job market, when all we really want to do is go to Bali. Read more...

Part 4 - How to Nail the Interview

Much has been written about the successful job search, but there is always one constant — you need to “nail the interview.” Tune into our video and discover how. Watch it now...

Part 3 - Remaining Un-networked is Risky Business

In this extensive podcast, discover how to expand your sphere of influence through networking. Career professionals, long-time employees and recent undergrads weigh in. Listen now...

Part 2 - Top Tips for Writing a Resume that Shouts 'Hire Me'

In tough times, spamming the world with the same old resume just doesn't cut it. Don't give up — but do change your strategy, stresses alumnus, Brent Fraser, BA'94. Read more...

Part 1 - Begin by Rediscovering Your Sense of Self

We, in Alumni, can't ignore the fact that tens of thousands of jobs were lost in Alberta's natural resources sector in 2015. Today, we begin a five-part series aimed at getting those unemployed back on their feet with a healthier sense of self, new resume tips (Part 2), networking strategies (Part 3), interview skills (Part 4) and resiliency (Part 5). Read more...