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Brain health is a growing concern. Diseases such as stroke, vascular dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s are just a few examples of neurological illness that affect one in three Canadians in their lifetime.

When it comes to managing the demands of the rapid growth of an aging population, UCalgary researchers are pushing for solutions that lead to breakthroughs in the prevention, detection and treatment of brain and mental health diseases. 

Join us on May 30 to discover how UCalgary researchers are creating new knowledge and using new technology to push the pace of discovery, enhance quality of life and quality of care, and tackle the toughest challenges facing the aging brain through: 

  • Dementia research: Hear how we are learning more about conditions like Alzheimer’s and vascular dementia to better prevent, diagnose and treat these diseases.
  • Stroke research: Discover how new stroke treatments are dramatically reducing mortality rates and disability, allowing more patients to return to normal life.  
  • Brain imaging techniques: Learn how new technology is pushing the boundaries of how we understand the brain inside and out, shaping the development of innovative therapies.  
  • Community care: Gain insight into how we are giving voice to those with dementia, and reshaping care through outreach clinics and programs. 

Brain and Mental Health is one of six research strategies guiding the University of Calgary toward its Eyes High goals, and is an institutional priority of Energize: The Campaign for Eyes High, the university’s $1.3-billion fundraising campaign.

Together, we are fueling transformational change and inspiring innovations that foster healthy aging.

About our speakers

Andrew Demchuk, MD

Andrew Demchuk, MD

Andrew Demchuk, MD, clinician and professor in the departments of Clinical Neurosciences and Radiology at the University of Calgary, and the Heart and Stroke Foundation Chair in Stroke Research. 

As a stroke neurologist and the director of the Calgary Stroke Program, Demchuk’s primary research interests focus on vascular imaging, where he is trying to establish those who would benefit from new stroke treatments by using imaging tests in the emergency care setting. Through fellowships with the Calgary Stroke Program, Demchuk has trained more than 85 fellows from 17 countries.

Lorraine Venturato, PhD

Lorraine Venturato, PhD, Chair in Gerontology, Faculty of Nursing at the University of Calgary.

Venturato is an internationally recognized gerontological researcher and educator who holds the Faculty of Nursing Chair in Gerontology. She also co-leads the Hotchkiss Brain Institute’s Dementia and Cognitive Impairment Neuro-Team. Her work focuses on creative and innovative models of care and approaches to enhancing quality of care and quality of life for older people — particularly those living with dementia.  

Bruce Pike, PhD

Bruce Pike, PhD

Bruce Pike, PhD, professor of radiology and clinical neurosciences at the Cumming School of Medicine’s Hotchkiss Brain Institute.

Pike is the Campus Alberta Innovates Program Chair in Healthy Brain Aging, and head of Image Science. He has published more than 300 scientific works that have been cited more than 25,000 times, has been featured on the cover of Nature, and is senior editor of the top-ranked brain imaging journal, NeuroImage. He also leads a team investigating non-invasive brain-imaging techniques such as magnetic resonance-guided focused ultrasound.

Eric Smith, MD

Eric Smith, MD, associate professor of neurology, radiology and community health sciences at the University of Calgary.

Smith directs the Cognitive Neurosciences Clinic and is a member of the Calgary Stroke Program. He holds the endowed Katthy Taylor Chair in Vascular Dementia at the University of Calgary. His research uses brain imaging to determine risk factors for stroke in healthy populations, and the link with developing dementia.

Brenda Mackie

Brenda Mackie, moderator, community leader and chair of the Cumming School of Medicine’s Hotchkiss Brain Institute Strategic Advisory Board.

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