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At UCalgary, we believe good ideas are transformational.

What makes a good idea? Some might say good ideas are fueled by passion. Others would say good ideas solve problems and deliver value.

Join us for a lively, expert-led discussion at Idea Exchange, where we’ll explore ideas that challenge our perceptions, push boundaries and spark meaningful change.

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It will be no small feat to meet society’s escalating energy demands, achieve lasting economic benefits and protect the environment. Get an insider’s perspective into the leading-edge research happening at UCalgary to develop innovative approaches to extract energy while reducing carbon emissions.

Join your fellow alumni and industry leaders in a conversation as our panel explores:

  • Energy innovations of today: How are we improving our understanding of current resources, developing methods and technologies to increase recovery of those resources with minimal environmental impact?
  • Energy innovations for tomorrow: How will we advance technological, societal and political innovations, and research needed to facilitate the transition to the energy systems of the future?

About our speakers

Marc Strous

Marc Strous

Marc Strous is a professor in the Department of Geoscience in UCalgary's Faculty of Science and a Campus Alberta Innovation Program (CAIP) Chair in Energy Bioengineering. Marc strives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with energy production. He is leading the CO2 capture and conversion theme, one of several areas of research being funded at the university through a $75-million grant from the federal Canada First Research Excellence Fund (CFREF). Marc is currently developing ecologically robust processes for conversion of atmospheric carbon dioxide to fuels with algae, as well as for subsurface decarbonization of fossil fuels. He is also exploring the impact of fugitive methane in the subsurface.

Joule Bergerson

Joule Bergerson

Joule Bergerson is an associate professor in the UCalgary's Schulich School of Engineering, a Canada Research Chair in Energy Technology Assessment, and a member of the faculty’s Centre for Environmental Engineering Research and Education. Her goal is to provide methods and tools that will allow a better understanding of life-cycle assessment and systems modelling for new technologies, ensuring energy production is maximized while keeping the climate and costs in mind. Joule is leading the technology assessment and co-ordination theme, one of several areas of research being funded through a $75-million grant from the federal Canada First Research Excellence Fund (CFREF). Bergerson’s research team is helping prioritize research and development activities by identifying technologies — or optimal combinations of technologies — that would provide particularly large life-cycle benefits.

Ian Gates

Ian Gates BSc’90

Ian Gates, BSc’90, is associate dean, Innovation, with UCalgary’s Schulich School of Engineering and is the university’s Global Research Initiative Lead with the Canada First Research Excellence Fund. His current research interests include heavy oil and oil sands recovery process design and optimization, thermal (SAGD and CSS) and thermal-solvent (ES-SAGD, SA-CSS) oil recovery processes. He also researches cold production of heavy oil with sand (CHOPS) and follow-up process design, reservoir engineering and processes, heat and mass transfer, fluid mechanics, biofilm evolution in porous media, and bioreactor design.

Moderator: Dr. Elizabeth Cannon

Moderator: Dr. Elizabeth Cannon

Dr. Elizabeth Cannon, BSc’84, MSc’87, PhD’91, is the president and vice-chancellor of the University of Calgary. Prior to her appointment as president, Dr. Cannon was dean of the Schulich School of Engineering, propelling it into the top ranks of Canadian engineering schools. She is a professional engineer, a fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, a fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering and an elected foreign associate of the National Academy of Engineering. Currently, she serves as the chair of Universities Canada, as well as a member of the federal Minister of Industry’s Science, Technology and Innovation Council, the Business/Higher Education Roundtable, and the U15 Group of Canadian research universities.

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