Space Systems

Space Systems

Space Systems encompasses various aspects of research such as the development and improvement of space instrumentation, hardware, and electronics.

Photo: The European Space Agency (ESA) Swarm Spacecrafts. Dr. David Knudsen is the lead scientist for the Canadian Electric Field Instruments onboard the spacecrafts.


Many departments are involved with research in Space Systems. Namely Physics and Astronomy, Electrical and Software Engineering, and Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering. This allows for multiple research and development projects to take place that cover a broad range of issues and topics. 

Specifically, this includes the development of scientific instrumentation for sounding rockets and cubesats, and satellite based instrumentation to measure the ionosphere and its interaction with the upper atmosphere and aurora. As well, the development of spaceflight hardware to explore high energy particles, space electronics for satellite and deep space communications, and T/R modules for satellite communication. There is also research being done on the use of novel lubricants and high strength materials to improve these aerospace systems.