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Academic Innovation Plan

Ahead of Tomorrow Implementation Plan

Implementation Plans

Any strategy is only as good as our follow-through. As part of the strategic plan, four implementation plans have been created to cover shorter time periods. These three-year plans expand on how the university will deliver approved initiatives, meet set goals and build out roadmaps of enabling activities that are needed to deliver on Ahead of Tomorrow.

This Academic Innovation Plan addresses the teaching and learning strategy in Ahead of Tomorrow as well as the academic priorities and initiatives outlined throughout the document. Activities and initiatives in this Academic Innovation Plan are integrated with approaches described in the Research and Innovation Plan, Community Engagement Plan, and Operations Plan. 

As with all University activity, the Academic Innovation Plan should be considered and interpreted through our foundational commitments to: Equity Diversity, Inclusion, and Accessibility; Indigenous Engagement; Community Well-Being; Global Engagement; and Sustainability.

Universities exist to educate, to discover, and to enrich the societies they both  serve and lead.  

The academic mission of the University of Calgary is to innovate, create, and take action to improve society.  We are a diverse community of future-focused leaders and lifelong learners who, through excellence in teaching  and learning, student experience, research, and service, drive change, focusing on both local and global impact.  The work is undertaken with our partners and communities, as together we are creating bold ideas, challenging  the status quo, acting on Indigenous reconciliation, equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility and optimizing  the work we do in advancing knowledge and creating solutions to real-world problems.

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Teaching and learning Ahead of Tomorrow 

As established by Ahead of Tomorrow, the goal of the University of Calgary is to educate transformative leaders, and we will do this by increasing access to excellent future-focused education.  

Three objectives have been set for 2030 in Ahead of Tomorrow: 

  1. Become #1 University (U15) in student engagement. 
  2. Increase overall enrolment by 10,000 (7,000 graduates, 3,000 undergraduates) to a total of 46,000. 
  3. Ensure all students are provided an opportunity for meaningful learning opportunities to develop entrepreneurial thinking and research and creative scholarship.

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Research and Innovation Plan

The University of Calgary is one of Canada’s top comprehensive research universities, with a mission to produce new knowledge and to translate knowledge into impact.

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Community Plan

The university commits to addressing shared concerns and seizing opportunities, exceeding future expectations through entrepreneurialism, inclusivity, and prosperity for all.

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Operations Plan

University operations support creating, running and sustaining best-in-class processes and services. This enables the UCalgary community to reach their goals and achieve their ambitions.

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Ahead of Tomorrow | Strategic Plan 2023-30

The University of Calgary’s remarkable trajectory reflects audacious growth and entrepreneurial spirit. Our students, postdocs, faculty, staff, and community have built a bold university in less than 60 years.

What is next?  How do we look beyond tomorrow?

This Strategic Plan shapes our journey toward 2030, considered through long-term, foundational commitments to: Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Accessibility; Indigenous Engagement; Mental Health; Global Engagement; and Sustainability.