UCalgary receives living contributions

“I think I shall never see a poem as lovely as a tree.”

These lines of the famous poem, “Trees” by Joyce Kilmer come to mind as one views the new campus landscape at the University of Calgary. 

Thanks to donations from several hundred Calgarians, the campus has become a more beautiful and restful place. Trees of all varieties – poplar, spruce, elm, birch and evergreen, which previously graced backyards, estates or nurseries in Calgary have been carefully transplanted to The U of C grounds. 

Calls began to pour in when the University announced trees were needed and donations would be appreciated. Walter Retzer, Grounds Supervisor comments, “The donations have saved the University, a considerable amount of money and enabled us to acquire larger trees, usually difficult to obtain from other sources.” One of the outstanding donations in Mr. Retzer’s opinion is a group of eight poplar trees, 40 to 50 feet tall, generously donated by Mrs. Mary Sweet. They are all growing in the same area beside the Science A Building. 

In the last six years, many thousands of trees have been planted on the campus and Mr. Retzer says that if they all survive, the University will be one of the more heavily wooded areas in the city. 

Many trees are growing in the campus nursery as well, which is located on 40 acres in the northwest corner of the campus. In addition, all the flowers growing on the campus are seeded in the University greenhouses, and cared for by members of the Grounds Department staff.