50th Anniversary archival collection

Photos, yearbooks and more

Thousands of items, from photos to yearbooks, have been scanned and uploaded to an online collection as part of UCalgary's 50th anniversary.


UCalgary students use empty beer cases to build a float on the back of a flat-bed truck at Stampede Park during the 1969 Bermuda Shorts Day


UCalgary President A.W.R. Carrothers prepares for a pie duel during Bermuda Shorts Day, 1972.

Biology in a Jar

Biological specimens in jars, including fish and snakes, at the Environmental Science Centre in Kananaskis Country, 1966.


Bowling at the MacEwan Hall bowling lanes, located in the northwest corner of the lower level, 1970.

Campus Clearing

An excavator works to prepare the site for UCalgary's first buildings, now Admininstration and Science A, 1959.


An aerial view of campus looking east.

Campus 1968

Campus looking north from the Education Tower, 1968.

Campus 1969

An aerial view of campus looking northeast, 1969.

Campus 1972

An aerial view of campus look southeast, 1972.

Campus Architecture

MacKimmie Library Link staircases. This photograph also shows the staircase leading to the basement of the library link, which has since been closed off.

Caution Flammables

Safety Office pick-up truck used at the University of Calgary for hauling flammable material, 1975.

Electron Microscope

Dr. Cyril Challice of the Physics department with a $35,000 electron microscope installed in the chemistry and physics research building (Science A), the first in western Canada.

Eye Spy

A peregrine falcon peers through a window on the Social Sciences building, 1998.

Field Hockey 1974

University of Calgary Women's field hockey team, 1974.


University of Calgary students learn to golf, 1965.

Frosh Week 1973

Students gather for a BBQ during Frosh Week 1973

Dinosaurs Hockey 1971

The University of Calgary Dinosaurs hockey team, 1971.

IBM Printing Card Punch

An IBM printing card punch 26, early computer technology used at the University of Calgary, 1964.

Information Commons

Information Commons in the MacKimmie Library Block prior to the 2011 opening of the Taylor Family Digital Library.

Moving Day

President Terry White and members of the Students' Union inaugurate the new location of the Rock, which was moved from the southeast corner of MacEwan Hall to where it now sits on Swann Mall, 2000.

Poverty Lane

A student stops to read signs at a tent city set up outside MacEwan Hall by students protesting tuition hikes, 1999.

Printy Amazing

St. Luke Elementary School students watch a dot matrix printer during a visit to the University Computing Centre.

Ready, Aim, Fire

Students arrive on campus during Bermuda Shorts Day with a Second World War Willys Jeep and a field gun, 1964.

Skeleton Staff

Splash Down

A University of Calgary student splashes in the fountain in the Adminstration building atrium, 1970.


Cyber 205 mainframe supercomputer used at the University of Calgary, 1985.

Tuned In

Education students watch a film in the Curriculum and Instruction audio-visual lab.

University Theatre

University Theatre lobby, 1970s.

Up, Up and Away!

Hot air balloons float past MacKimmie Library Tower during the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics.