Nader Mahinpey

  Professor, NSERC Industrial Research Chair
  Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering
  Office: EEEL 417B
  Telephone: (403) 210-6503
  Fax: (403) 284-4852
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Dr. Mahinpey's research activities focus on promoting research programs in the areas of clean energy and green engineering. An understanding of global energy usage patterns, energy conservation, and the environmental impacts associated with the production and use of energy are very important in order to achieve sustainable development. Energy and environment have become the two paramount themes in my research group. His current research interests and expertise originate from the application of chemical engineering in energy and environment, including areas such as renewable energy, biofuel and bioenergy, gasification, pyrolysis, biochemical conversion, and reaction engineering. His current research activities are:
- Greenhouse Gas Control Technology
- Thermochemical Conversion
- Biofuel Production and Processes
- Biomass/ Waste Gasification
- Co-gasification (Biomass, Coal, and Pet-coke)
- Pyrolysis
- Solid Waste Management
- Biochemical Conversion
- Renewable Energy
- Reaction Kinetics Modeling
- Mass transfer with Chemical Reaction
- Fundamental Mass Transfer Studies
- Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Recent Selected Publications:

  1. Gomez, A., and N. Mahinpey, (2015), "A New Model to Predict CO2 Coal Gasification Kinetics Based only on Parent Coal Characterization Properties", Applied Energy, 137 (2015) 126-133.PDF Link
  2. Karami, D., N. Mahinpey, (2015), "Study of Al2O3 Addition to Synthetic Ca-based Sorbents for CO2 Sorption Capacity and Stability in Cyclic Operations", Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, 93 (1) 102-110.PDF Link
  3. Sedghkerdar, M. H., E. Mostafavi, and N. Mahinpey, (2014), "Sorbent Enhanced Hydrogen production from steam gasification of coal integrated with CO2 capture", International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 39 (30) 17001-17008.PDF Link
  4. Mostafavi, E., N. Mahinpey, and V. Manovic, (2014), "A novel development of mixed catalyst-sorbent pellets for steam gasification of coal chars with in situ CO2 capture", Catalysis Today, 237 (2014) 111-117.PDF Link
  5. Vincent, S., N. Mahinpey, and A. Aqsha, (2014), "Mass Transfer Studies During CO2 Gasification Of Torrefied And Pyrolysed Chars", Energy, 67 (2014) 319-327.PDF Link
  6. Khansari, Z., P. Kapadia, N. Mahinpey, and I. D. Gates, (2014), "A New Reaction Model for Low Temperature Oxidation of Heavy Oil: Experiments and Numerical Modeling", Energy, 64 (2014) 419-428.PDF Link
  7. Kannaiyan, R., N. Mahinpey, R.J. Martinuzzi, and V. Kostenko, (2014), "Induction and Suppression of Dichomitus squalens and Ceriporiopsis subvermispora Peroxidase Activity by Manganese Sulfate in Response to Carbon and Nitrogen Sources", Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, 92 (5) 779-786.PDF Link
  8. Daneshvar, S., N. Hidemi, F. Salak, and N. Mahinpey (2014), "Degradation of textile dyes under subcritical water conditions in the presence of hydrogen peroxide", Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, 92 (4) 615-622.PDF Link
  9. Shams, M.M., M. Dong, and N. Mahinpey, (2014), "Viscosity and Rheological Behavior of Microbubbles in Capillary Tubes", AICHE Journal, 60 (7) 2660-2669.PDF Link
  10. Esmaili, E., N. Mahinpey, and E. Mostafavi (2014), "An Extensive Simulation of Coal Gasification in Bubbling Fluidized Bed: Integration of Hydrodynamics into Reaction Modelling", Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, 92 (10) 1714-1724.PDF Link
  11. Tabatabaei, S. A., N. Mahinpey, E. Esmaili, and C. J. Lim (2013), "CFD Simulation of Flow Regime Maps in Slot-Rectangular Spouted Bed", Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, 91 (11) 1856-1864.PDF Link
  12. Mani, T., P. Murugan, and N. Mahinpey, (2011), "Pyrolysis of oat straw and the comparison of product yield with wheat and flax straw pyrolysis", Energy & Fuels, 25 (7), 2803-2807.PDF Link
  13. Aqsha, A., N. Mahinpey, T. Mani, F. Salak Asghari, and P. Murugan, (2011), "Study of sawdust pyrolysis and its devolatilization kinetics", Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, 89(6) 1451-1457.PDF Link
  14. Murugan, P., T. Mani, N. Mahinpey, and K. Asghari, (2011) "The low temperature oxidation of Fosterton asphaltenes and its combustion kinetics", Fuel Processing Technology, 92 (5) 1056-1061.PDF Link
  15. Mani, T., N. Mahinpey, and P. Murugan, (2011), "Reaction kinetics and mass transfer studies of biomass char gasification with CO2", Chemical Engineering Science, 66(1), 36-41.PDF Link
  16. Esmaili, E., and N. Mahinpey, (2011), "Adjustment of Drag Coefficient Correlations in three dimensional CFD simulation of Gas-Solid Bubbling Fluidized Bed", Advances in Engineering Software, 42 (6) 375-386.PDF Link
  17. Mahinpey, N., K. Asghari, and P. Mirjafari, (2011), "Biological Sequestration of Carbon Dioxide in Geological Formations", IChemE Journal-Chemical Engineering Research and Design, Official journal of the European Federation of Chemical Engineering: Part A, 89(9) 1873-1878.PDF Link
  18. Tushar, M. S. H. K., N. Mahinpey, P. Murugan, T. Mani, (2010), "Analysis of gaseous and liquid products from pressurized Pyrolysis of flax Straw in a fixed bed reactor", Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 49(10), 4627-4632.PDF Link
  19. Mani, T., P. Murugan, J. Abedi, and N. Mahinpey, (2010), "Pyrolysis of Wheat Straw in a thermogravimetric Analyser: effect of particle size and heating rate on devolatilization and estimation of global kinetics", IChem E Journal-Chemical Engineering Research and Design, Official journal of the European Federation of Chemical Engineering: Part A, 88(8), 952-958.PDF Link
  20. Mahinpey, N., P. Murugan, T. Mani, (2010), "Comparative kinetics and thermal behavior: the study of crude oils derived from Fosterton and Neilburg fields of Saskatchewan", Energy & Fuels, 24(3), 1640-1645.PDF Link
  21. Murugan, P., N. Mahinpey, T. Mani, and K. Asghari, (2010), "Effect of Low-temperature oxidation on the pyrolysis and combustion of whole oil", Energy, 35(5), 2317-2322.PDF Link
  22. Kaushal, P., J. Abedi, and N. Mahinpey, (2010), "A comprehensive model for biomass gasification in a bubbling fluidized bed reactor", Fuel, 89(12), 3650-3661.PDF Link
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  28. Nikoo, M. B., N. Mahinpey, (2008), "Simulation of biomass gasification in fluidized bed reactor using ASPEN PLUS", Biomass & Bioenergy, 32(12), 1245-1254.
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  36. Mahinpey, N., A. Ambalae, and K. Asghari, (2007), "In-situ combustion in Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR): A Review", Chemical Engineering Communications, 194(8), 995-1021.

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