PhD Candidate
  Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering
  Office: EEEL 455D
  Telephone: (403) 9033 275
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Aqsha Aqsha obtained his B. Eng in Chemical Engineering at Intitut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia on September 2004. His undergraduate research focused on Biodiesel production from non-edible vegetable oil. During a year, he worked for EPC Company as Pre-commissioning Supervisor for construction of a fertilizer factory in Indonesia and also worked in ConocoPhillips as Assoc.Field Engineer. In September 2005, he joined University of Calgary where he is completed a Master of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering for his work in Seismoelectric Modeling and Simulation. He recently joined the Chemical and Petroleum Engineering Dept. U of C and working in the area of Pyrolysis of Biomass, Subcritical Water Technology, MSW Analysis and Oil Spill Absorbent Product from Industrial Waste.

Past Proffessional Experiences

    1. Associate Process Engineer (Internship) - ConocoPhillips Indonesia (COPI), Grisik, Indonesia : 2004
    2. Field Engineer - PT. Rekayasa Industri EPC, Jakarta, Indonesia : 2005
    3. Educational Consultant - ABTutor Calgary : 2007-2009
    4. Apple Developer - AB Engineering : 2009-2013

Area of Work:
Chemical & Petroleum Engineering, Bioenergy and Environmental

Research Interests & Projects
Aqsha Aqsha's research interests and projects include:

    1. Catalytic pyrolysis of biomass and bio-oil upgrading
    2. Material sinthesys for CO2 capture technologies
    3. Oil absorbent bevelopment from Biomass Waste
    4. Municipal Solid Waste Treatment and Conversion
    5. Gasification tehnologies
    6. Subcritical water technology for chemical conversion
    7. Biodiesel production
    8. Seismoelectric Modelling

Selected Publications

    1. Aqsha, A., Katta, L., & Mahinpey, N., Catalytic Hydrodeoxygenation of Guaiacol as Lignin Model Component Using Ni-Mo/TiO2 and Ni-V/TiO2 Catalysts, Catalysis Letters, 145 (6), pp. 1351-1363, 2015. PDF Link
    2. Shi, H., Mahinpey, N., Aqsha, A., Silbermann, R., Characterization, thermochemical conversion studies, and heating value modeling of municipal solid waste, Waste Management, doi:10.1016/j.wasman.2015.09.036, 2015. PDF Link
    3. Aqsha, A., Mahinpey, N., Katta, L., Gras, L. & Lim, C.J., Synthesis Of Novel Catalysts For Hydrodeoxygenation Of Bio-oil: Guaiacol As A Model Component, Energy & Sustainability V, WIT Press, pp. 489-498, 2014. PDF Link
    4. Aqsha, A., Tijani, M.M. & Mahinpey, N., Catalytic Pyrolysis Of Straw Biomasses (wheat, Flax, Oat And Barley Straw) And The Comparison Of Their Product Yields, Energy Production & Management in the 21st Century, WIT Press, pp. 1007-1016, 2014. PDF Link
    5. Vincent, S.S., Mahinpey, N. & Aqsha. A., Mass transfer studies during CO2 gasification of torrefied and pyrolyzed chars, Energy, 67, pp. 319-327, 2014. PDF Link
    6. Aqsha, A., Kannaiyan, R., Mahinpey, N. & Martinuzzi R., Application of Subcritical Water on Bioenergy Conversion, ISSF 2012 Proceeding, San Fransisco, 2012. PDF Link
    7. Aqsha, A., Mahinpey, N., Mani, T., Salak, F. & Murugan, P., Study of sawdust pyrolysis and its devolatilisation kinetics, The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, 89, pp.1451–1457, 2011. PDF Link
    8. Aqsha, A., Kurniawan, T. & Soerawidjaja, T., Characterization of Biodiesel from Non-Edible Kapok (Ceiba Pentandra) Oil - 58th Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference, 2008. PDF Link
    9. Budiman, R.A., Aqsha, A., Gharibi, M. & Stewart, R.R, Propagation of seismic-induced electromagnetic waves in a semi-infinite porous medium: A Fourier transform approach, Crewes Annual Conference, Canmore-Alberta, 2007. PDF Link

Award Received and Achievements

    1. Schulich School of Engineering Teaching Assistant Excellence Award, University of Calgary (2014)
    2. Tutorial Demonstrator Award, CPE University of Calgary (2014)
    3. Chemical And Petroleum Graduate Excellence Scholarship, University of Calgary (2013)
    4. URGC International Graduate Travel Award, University of Calgary (2013)
    5. Schulich Student Activity Fund, University of Calgary, (2013)
    6. President Elected of CPEG, Chemical & Petroleum Engineering Graduates Univ. of Calgary (2012-2013)
    7. Finalist of From the Forge into the Fire - Alberta Graduate Conference (2012)
    8. Teaching Assistance Effectiveness Award – University Of Calgary (2011)
    9. Best Presentation Award – Energy Environmental & Sustainability Session – Graduate Conference (2010)
    10. University of Calgary Research Assistanceship (2010-2015)
    11. University of Calgary Teaching Assistance Scholarship (2010-2015)
    12. AERI (Alberta Energy Research Institute ) Research Funding Award (2007-2008)
    13. Best Presentation Award – 4th Annual Graduate Student Conference (2007)
    14. Guest Speaker, Comsol Seminar & Course, Calgary (2007)
    15. CREWES Graduate Research Scholarships (2005-2007)
    16. Student of The Year Candidate, Chemical Engineering, Insitut Teknologi Bandung (2004)
    17. President Elected of Chemical Engineering Student Union, HIMATEK Insitut Teknologi Bandung (2002-2003)
    18. Bukaka Award and Scholarship (2000-2004)
    19. 1st Men's Team Basketball - ITB Games (2000)

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