Private Mountaineering Guiding - Summer 2022

One of our ACMG-certified guides would love to guide up on a mountaineering ascent, or teach you your bucket list of mountaineering skills! Ratios are dependent on objectives, with most glacier mountaineering climbs accomodating a 3:1 guest to guide ratio and technical objectives accomodating a 2:1 or 1:1 ratio. Instructional groups and days at single pitch venues can typically accomodate up to six guests per guide.

Please contact us for a complete quote. Rates begin at $575 per day for one guest, with an additional $50 for each additional guest. Guests will also be responsible for Guide expenses, such as mileage, or for transporting the guide to the program venue. Guests will also be responsible for expenses such as hut and camping fees, guides' food, and backcountry passes for overnight trips. Certain very long objectives completed in a single day may have an additional surcharge applied.

Please contact for a detailed quote.

Current Offerings

Sorry, we don't have any offerings at the moment.