Red Cross First Aid Instructor: Transfer Option 2

First Aid and CPR Instructors support the Red Cross First Aid program through the delivery of First Aid and CPR courses. This course provides candidates with the knowledge and skills to teach Emergency and Standard First Aid, CPR/AED, Marine Basic First Aid, and Emergency and Standard Child Care First Aid. This program is designed to prepare you to support dynamic, learner-centered classroom environments. It includes how to teach and facilitate, individual and group assignments, practice teaching, injury prevention principles, inclusion, and progressive learning.

Instructor candidates who qualify for this transfer pathway are entering into the Instructor Development Program with current certification as a Canadian Red Cross Water Safety Instructor/Instructor Trainer or are an educator (elementary or secondary level). They will follow the Instructor Development Program, however they will not be required to complete Step 2b: Fundamentals of Instruction - Classroom Component.

This course includes the first three steps required to become a certified First Aid & CPR Instructor. You must successfully complete each step before advancing to the next step.
1) Skills Evaluation
2a) Fundamentals of Instruction - Online Component
3) Discipline Specific Classroom component.

The instructor will give you instructions how to arrange the final step of your certification process, the Teaching Experience.

If you are certified as a First Aid Instructor through another recognized First Aid agency, you can find our offerings of the Red Cross First Aid Instructor Transfer Option 1 here.
If you don't meet the requirements for the First Aid Instructor Transfer, you can find our offerings of the full course here.

Current Offerings

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