Digital Library Explorers

Discover what the Taylor Family Digital Library has to offer this summer. Each week, campers will do a variety of hands-on activities with specialists such as archivists, curators and librarians at the TFDL and learn how a digital library, archive and gallery works. Campers also learn about history and what connects all humans all over the world by crafting their own artefacts to take home! These activities and lessons will help campers think about lessons learned through the week which can spark innovation of different peoples, places, and time periods. Finally, campers will of course play many active games to keep them moving and make the time between lessons fun and engaging. If your child loves to read, write and learn new things every day, this is the camp for them. Activities are not the same each week and may include:
Exploring the Nickle Art Museum exhibitions
Working on scanning and printing with the 3D printers
Digging through Western Canadian history in the Glenbow archives
Visiting our 35 million pixel Visualization studio and getting up close with digital maps
Creating podcasts and exploring retro gaming in our LabNext spaces
Up close look at artifacts from the library’s ancient Greek and Roman Coin Collection

Current Offerings

Sorry, we don't have any offerings at the moment.