Wind River, YT

The Wind River in the Yukon Territory is a northern gem, and paddling it is a true wilderness adventure. It is situated in the Peel River watershed and Mackenzie mountain range and is a rich habitat for northern wildlife. It is a Class 11 moving water, which makes it a perfect canoe destination. The area is filled with pre- and post-settlement history from the Telit Gwich'in and Na-Cho Nyak Dun First Nations to the ill-fated Lost Patrol (a NWMP patrol who lost their way and perished in the early 1900's). It is one of the largest unspoiled natural environments in the world, but is currently under the threat of industrial development. If you've ever dreamt of paddling this pristine environment, now is the time. Prerequisite: Canoeing ABC or equivalent. Includes: guide, canoe/group camping gear, 2 floatplane shuttles, transportation.

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