Terms and Conditions

Term Locker Rental Policies

The Faculty of Kinesiology has a limited number of lockers available for rent in the Lady’s and Men’s locker rooms in Kinesiology A. In order to rent the locker you must first be a member of the facilities. Students are members during any term they are a part or full-time student. Students – rentals are purchased by the term. All other Memberships – rentals are purchased for the length of the membership. All Members may stop the rental at any time by cleaning out the locker and returning the lock to Client Services to collect their deposit and refund for any remaining months.


  • A $25 deposit will be collected at the time of the first rental.
  • The deposit will stay with the rental as long as the renewal is completed prior to the current expiration date.


  • Lockers must be kept clean and odour free
  • Lockers should be kept secured at all times. Client Services is not responsible for items lost or stolen from your locker.
  • It is the responsibility of the renter to know the status of their locker rental, and to clean out or renew their locker on or before the expiry date.
  • A $25 deposit is required for each rental.
  • The contents of expired lockers will be collected and are considered to be property of the Faculty of Kinesiology. These items are donated to local charities.

Deposits are forfeited for the following reasons

  • Your lock, for any reason, is not returned to the Client Services Desk on or prior to the expiry date of your locker.
  • Abuse or any acts of vandalism to locker, lock or locker room.


  • Lockers can be shared with another student/member. The Client Services Desk must be notified of the student/member you are sharing with. In the event that Client Services needs to open a lock or perform any such similar action, only the renter and any named individuals sharing the locker can be offered assistance.
  • Towel service is only for the individual renting the locker. Towels are provided one at a time.