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ACE Maintenance Class

This is a 12 week group class for cancer survivors that have completed the initial ACE group class. This class is meant to be a graduation class from the initial ACE group class, building on participant’s knowledge of exercise, in a safe environment, to further improve upon initial fitness gains.

**It is a prerequisite that you have participated in the initial ACE class in order to register into the maintenance class.

Adapted Physical Activity for Kids

The Adapted Physical Activity for Kids (APAK) program offers children 4-14 years old with special needs the opportunity to gain independence and health benefits in an encouraging and understanding environment.  Children are paired one on one with a volunteer who will work toward pre-determined movement and social goals. This class is designed to introduce children to fundamental movement skills in a fun environment. All abilities are welcome! The goal of this class is to introduce your child to physical activity at whatever level of adaptation (physical or cognitive) is required.

The program was founded by Dr. Lisa Daroux-Cole and is currently coordinated by Heather Leitner, B.Sc. Kinesiology.

All participants (including returning participants) must register and complete the Intake Form prior to September 14th, 2018
For more information please email Dr. Daroux-Cole at

FES Rehabilitation and Fitness

Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) is a technique that uses electrical currents to activate nerves innervating extremities affected by paralysis resulting from spinal cord injury (SCI), head injury, stroke and other neurological disorders. FES is primarily used to help restore function in people with disabilities.


GLAD is an education and exercise program developed by researchers in Denmark for individuals with hip or knee osteoarthritis symptoms. This program includes two education sessions, 12 neuromuscular exercise sessions (60 minutes each) and the opportunity for data collection and quality monitoring (measures taken at initial visit, upon comple of the program and 12 months). Classes will run twice a week for one hour over 7 weeks.

Rehab & Fitness

This program incorporates individually designed programs performed in a group setting. The sessions run twice a week for 14 weeks. All programs are specifically designed to meet the individual's goals, with elements of strength training, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, balance and coordination. Program orientations are available upon request.

Rehab & Fitness Pass Plus - Caregiver Access

This program allows for the client and caregiver to both workout in the Fitness Centre outside regular Rehabilitation and Fitness Program hours. The client will receive an access card to the facility and an access card for their accompanying caregiver/support worker.

Rehab & Fitness Personal Training

This training package provides one-to-one sessions for a person with a physical disability. All programs are specifically designed to meet the individual's goals, with elements of strength training, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, balance and coordination.

Rehab & Fitness Unlimited Access

The fitness and rehabilitation pass program is reserved for individuals that do not require assistance with their exercise program. The PASS program allows individuals to access the fitness center on their own, outside of program time.