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Youth Fencing

Fall 2023 Registration starts July 15.

This youth fencing program is being offered in partnership with Epic Fencing Club of Calgary. Fencing is very popular and fast becoming the new alternative sport to help improve fitness, coordination, agility, speed and strength. The fencing program is created by Epic Fencing Club’s head coach, Peter Drevenka. Peter has been fencing since he was 8 years old. His coaching experience covers 15 years in Hungary and Canada. His students won many local, provincial, national and western championships in Canada and Hungary over the past 15 years. Under Peter’s guidance and supervision, you will have the unique opportunity to learn from one of Alberta’s most successful fencing coaches.

The sport of fencing is a challenge both physically and tactically between two opponents. On this fencing course you will learn an elegant, prestigious, modern and safe combat sport. The demand for instant analysis, concentration and self-control of mind and muscles is the key for success. Epic’s coaching staff ensures that the meticulously selected games, exercises give you a lot of fun and the fundamentals as well in case you want to advance in fencing.

EPIC will provide dedicated equipment to each fencer.

· Fun games
· Correct coordination of hands and feet
· Essential foot and blade work
· Concepts of attack, counter-attack, defense, and right of way
· Different strategies in foil fencing
· Basic refereeing skills, vocabulary of fencing