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Adult Power Skating & Hockey Skills

From beginner to advanced, we have a variety of co-ed power skating and hockey skills classes to choose from. Our physical literacy approach will increase your confidence on the ice, and you will learn or improve all the basic skills to fully enjoy the game of hockey.
The power skating courses will focus on teaching and improving all the fundamental skating skills, from stopping to crossovers, and help you develop good habits to help you improve your hockey game. The higher levels will include strength, conditioning and stamina components, as well as more advanced skating skills.
Our hockey skills are run like a team hockey practice: warmup, teaching individual puck skills, full ice drills, and a fun non contact scrimmage to end.

Choose from level 1, 2 or 3!

Levels 1 & 2 sign up for our “combo” class where you can take both power skating and hockey skills classes back to back for a discounted fee

Level 3 is a 1.5 hour combined class to get you in shape for your season or as an alternative to league play.

Hockey Pool

Welcome to the first annual UCalgary Intramural Hockey Pool

Deadline extended to Jan. 23/2021

As an individual you will be compteting for the coveted IMS Championship Buff, and your name on the Champions Plaque, which is proudly displayed int IMS Display case in the KNA foyer.

Each participant will pick 12 players, 1 goalie, 4 defensemen, and 6 forwards, and 1 pure goal scorer (can not be changed during the season)

Points will be given as follows:
Goalies - 2pt win
- 3pt bonus for a shut out
- 1pt for assist
- 5pt for a goal
Defence & Foward
Goals - 1pt
Assists - 1pt
Pure Goal Scorer
Goals - 2 pt
Assists - 1 pt

Little Kids Hockey

This parent & child hockey course will get your little ones off to the right hockey start. Help your child learn the fundamentals of hockey in a fun and supportive environment. Highly qualified instructors will teach basic hockey skills, refresh skating fundamentals, and facilitate scrimmages.

Power Skating & Hockey Skills U7/U9

Does your child have the have the fundamental skating skills and is itching to play hockey? This class will provide your child with the opportunity to learn the basics of hockey in a fun environment. We will focus on skills such as passing, shooting, and puck handling, while reinforcing correct stick placement and posture. This program is also suitable for kids in Timbits, lower tier Novice, and House League players. We will divide players according to skill level when necessary.
* Please note that kids must be able to skate forwards, backwards, stop, and turn prior to registering (Passed Kids Skate Level 2). For more options see our Learn to Skate programs.

Power Skating & Hockey Skills U9/U11

This class will be run like a full hockey practice, the first portion focusing on skating skill development, and the second portion will be hockey skills tailored to the skill level of the group. This program is for higher tier U9 players, and U11 players, (formerly Novice and Atom) as well as house league. We will divide the class into skill levels whenever necessary for more individualized instruction.

Kids Hockey 3

Skaters will learn more advanced skating and hockey skills. More complex drills are covered with a focus on advanced puck handling skills, open ice striding with and without pucks, gap control, one touch passing and shooting, and playing strategies.

Timbits-Novice Power Skating

For kids in their first, second, or third year of hockey who can skate forwards, backwards, stop, and turn. We will teach skills like two foot stops, c-cuts tight turns, and improve balance, stride and coordination on skates.

Atom - Peewee Power Skating

We will break down skating skills to correct common mistakes and improve their skating technique. Each class will have a specific focus; for example explosive starts and stops, forward stride, backward movement, turning and crossovers using inside and outside edge control and overspeed crossovers.

Adult Power 1

Are you new to hockey or ringette, and can skate forwards, backwards, stop and turn? We will teach skating skills like two foot stops, c-cuts, right turns, crossovers and improve balance, stride & edges.

Adult Power Skating & Hockey Skills 2

Have you taken a few of our Adult Hockey or Power Skating classes and/or have experience playing hockey at a recreational level? This course is for those who are looking to progress their skills and develop good habits. The first portion will focus on improving skating skills, the second
on hockey skills approprate for the level of the group. In addition, there will be a focus on developing the strength and stamina needed for more advanced skills. Please note the structure of this class will be similar to a standard hockey practice.

Adult Power 3

Want to benefit from expert skating instruction to become a more efficient skater? We will break down your skating skills to correct common mistakes and improve your skating technique to increase efficiency on your blades.

Adult Power Skating & Hockey Skills 1

Do you have the fundamental movement skills to skate, but are new to hockey? This course is for individuals with little or no hockey experience, who wish to learn the basic skills necessary to play in a sport specific setting. The first portion will be skating skill development, and the second portion will focus on skills such as passing, shooting, and puck control. Please note the structure of this class will be similar to a standard hockey practice.

Adult Hockey 2

After mastering the introductory skills in Hockey 1, you'll be ready for this next step in improving your game. Instructors will continue to focus on puck handling skills, passing, and shooting all while moving. Course includes a 10-15 minute scrimmage to help expand your understanding of the game.

Adult Hockey 3

Want to improve your game? more complex drills are covered such as advanced puck handling skills, open ice striding with and without pucks, gap control, one touch passing, shooting, and playing strategies.

Non Checking Ice Hockey

Summer 2022 Registration Opens April 1.
Registration Deadline July 4, 4:00pm

Rip one from the point, Go top shelf, Stack the pads!

Intramural Sports offers ice hockey players a wide selection of leagues to choose from. All leagues are tiered to allow you to select the type of competition that suits you.

The Intramural program will no longer be providing jersey for teams this year, as we are trying to limit shared contact points. Teams will be asked to have their own jerseys this year, WITH #'S ON THEM. Below are a few suppliers that the Intramural program has used over the years and we can' t say enough about them, they have been awesome to work.

Beast - Darren or Cory Ikeda
Elite Sportswear - Emily Biliingsley
Silverback - Donovan Evans
Teams will be scheduled for 8 regular season games. All competitive ice hockey leagues will have standings, officials, and playoffs.

-All teams are required to provide their own set of jersyes. (Competitive Leagues) with numbers, this can be a set of pinnies, jerseys (basic jersey with tape on with numbers)  Intramurals is trying minimize contact points between participants and staff. 
-Rostered players will only be allowed to register on team per league.  Players may not play on multiple teams in the same sport.  
-Only 16 players on your roster will be allowed to dress for games.
-Spectators will not be allowed
-All participants must complete the sport specific waiver, this will be on your active living profile once you have added to the roster by your captain, before you will be allowed to participate. NO WAIVER NO PLAY POLICY WILL BE STRICKLY ENFORCED

All players must not attend if feeling unwell. 

"A" - Players will have advanced skills and knowledge of the rules. They would have played at an elite level within a city league. Teams are highly competitive.

"B" - Players will have intermediate to advanced skills and firm knowledge of the rules. They would have played at a competitive level within a city league. Teams are still competitive.

"C" - Players will have basic to intermediate skills and basic knowledge of the rules. Emphasis is on fun over competition. Teams want the competitive atmosphere. No slap shots.

"D" - Players are relatively new to the sport - still learning the skills and will have basic knowledge of the rules. Emphasis is on fun over competition. Teams want the competitive atmosphere. No slap shots.

All division descriptions are a base guideline.

Important Information for Participants:

Vaccination Policy: Effective January 1, 2022, all students, staff, faculty, and visitors to campus age 12 and over are expected to show: 
Proof of fully vaccinated status (approved by World Health Organization) Valid Alberta proof of vaccination will be the Alberta vaccine records with the QR code.

Mask Policy: To promote a healthy environment on campus, non-medical face masks must now be worn in all public indoor areas where physical distancing is not possible. Participants will be required to wear a mask up to the start, and after of their activity.

Participants must not attend class if they are sick, or a member of their household is sick, even if symptoms resemble a mild cold. Symptoms to look for include: fever, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, runny nose, nasal congestion, headache, and a general feeling of being unwell. 

Summer Adult Power Skating and Hockey Skills

Improve your skating; improve your game. If you play hockey, we teach and emphasize proper technique, form, speed and skill as they apply to the game. Please note: Power Skating is for those who already have a solid foundation of basic skating skills, it is not a learn to skate program.

These camp-like programs run multiple times per week for the month of August and will have you in shape for the upcoming hockey season.

Notes: this is an instructional program, therefor full ice scrimmage time is limited, but you’ll be challenged by small area games and drills to put your game skills into practice.