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Abbott Pass

This weekend glacier hiking trip will take you through one of the most historic and scenic passes in the Canadian Rockies. We'll stay at Abbot Pass Hut—a remarkable stone building built by Swiss guides in the 1920s. On the second day, depending on conditions, we will either descend the Victoria Glacier as it snakes down between the cliffs and glaciers of Victoria and Lefroy, or use the Fuhrman Ledges on the east face of Mt Lefroy. Both options are equally stunning. Prerequisite: very good fitness, previous hiking or backpacking experience. Includes: ACMG certified guide, accommodation, Lake O’Hara bus, glacier safety gear.

Bow-Peyto Wapta Ice Hike

The Wapta Icefields are an amazing place for people to experience the extensive glaciers which come together to form the Wapta. This trip is an ideal introduction to glacier hiking and a perfect stepping stone into mountaineering, as we traverse from Bow Lake across the Bow and Peyto Glaciers to Peyto Lake. Our group will stop at Alpine Club of Canada huts each night and carry light packs. For those with extra energy, we will hike up an easy snow peak in the middle of a glacier the second day. No special equipment or climbing experience is required. Prerequisite: very good fitness, previous hiking or backpacking experience. Includes: ACMG certified guide, accommodation, glacier safety gear.

Intro to Mountaineering – Sorcerer Lodge

Helicopter in to Sorcerer Lodge and spend 4 days learning mountaineering skills with our ACMG guides. This remote, exclusive, backcountry lodge is nestled in the high alpine of the Northern Selkirk Mountains, BC and provides the perfect terrain for this intensive mountaineering instruction course. You'll learn how to climb on snow, glacier ice, rock and mixed terrain. We'll practice glacier travel, crevasse rescue and navigation skills. The beauty of this remote location will only add to the thrill you'll experience on your first summit. This program has a guide to participant ratio of 1:5. Prerequisite: very good fitness level. Hiking or backpacking, rock/ice climbing or ski touring experience is an asset. Includes: ACMG guides, technical equipment, food and accommodation, helicopter flights in/out of Sorcerer Lodge.

Moraine Lake to Lake O'Hara Alpine Hike

Spend a day with us on a spectacular glacier hike in Banff and Yoho National Parks, where we'll travel through the heart of the Lake Louise group of mountains. Good trails lead us to Wenkchemna Pass though the Valley of the Ten Peaks. Our route then takes us past the 'Eagles Eyrie' to Opabin Pass on little-traveled paths. We negotiate two small glaciers at Opabin Pass to join the trails of Lake O'Hara. Prerequisite: very good fitness, previous hiking experience. Includes: ACMG-certified guide, Lake O’Hara bus, glacier safety gear.

Mt Joffre, Kananaskis Country

Mt Joffre (3450m) is a classic beginner high-alpine climb. It is a popular mountaineering destination, tucked away deep in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park, and it stands within a mountain range of beautiful, rugged peaks. On the first day we’ll hike to our base camp next to Aster Lake. On the second day we’ll make our way to the Joffre North Glacier and attempt the north face route which is mostly snow. Although not technically difficult, this will be a big day. On the third day we will make our way back to the Kananaskis Lakes. Guide to guest ratio is 1:4. Prerequisite: very good fitness. Hiking or backpacking, rock/ice climbing or ski touring experience an asset. Includes: ACMG certified guide, backcountry permits, food and technical equipment.

The Scrambler

Enjoy a weekend of scrambling skills that will get you off the beaten path. We’ll cover wilderness skills, terrain recognition and trip planning which are used for safe mountain travel. This will include map reading and navigation, group management and managing steep terrain using rope. On the second day we’ll attempt a scrambling peak in Banff Park or Kananaskis. Guide to guest ratio is 1:6. Prerequisite: good-very good fitness. Previous hiking experience an asset. Includes: ACMG certified guide, backcountry permits.

The Scrambler 1 Day

The Scrambler 1 Day is a summit-oriented day where the group attempts to climb one of the Rockies' high peaks. The usual suspects are Mount Temple, Carnarvon, Sparrowhawk and Pilot. Join our ACMG certified guides for a day out which will be one to remember. Guide to guest ratio is 1:6. Prerequisite: very good fitness, recent hikes with 800m+ gain. Includes: ACMG certified guide, backcountry permits.

Lefroy and Victoria from Abbott Pass

A bucket-list mountaineering adventure. Gift yourself the opportunity to attempt two 11000’ peaks from the historic Abbot Pass Hut with an ACMG certified full mountain guide. On the first day of this 3-day adventure, our group will approach the hut from Lake O’Hara. On the second day we will attempt Mt Lefroy via the west-face route. On the third day we will attempt Mt Victoria’s SE ridge and descend the Huber Ledges back to Lake O’ Hara. Guide to guest ratio 1:3. Prerequisite: very good fitness, previous climbing experience. Includes: ACMG certified guide, backcountry permits, hut fee, food, technical equipment, Lake O’Hara bus.

Crack and Trad

Take full advantage of the finger to chimney-sized cracks in our unique facility to get a real-to-life crack climbing experience indoors! Not only will you twist, lock, jam, squeeze and thrash ’til it hurts so good, but participants will also learn to place and assess gear.
Outdoor dates offered spring and summer.

To request a private or group crack climbing or trad lesson contact Ashley at

Rescue Tips and Tricks

This rock rescue course teaches fundamental techniques that can be applied in a wide variety of situations. Help your partner through that crux section, escape the belay or quickly descend to safety with uncomplicated solutions.

If you have taken Rock Rescue (or equivalent) with us before and are looking for a refresher receive $25% off when you call in to register.
403.220.5038 ext. 5

Outdoor dates offered June to end of September. To request a private or group rescue skills or refresher course contact Ashley at

Multi-Pitch Climbing

Multi-pitch climbing with the Outdoor Centre is not your standard guided excursion; our ACMG certified guides blend incredible outdoor experiences with practical coaching and instruction.  Learn about direct anchor belays, rope management, anchor cleaning, rappelling, and outdoor safety while taking in the view off the side of a rock face. 

All climbers welcome - we will find a route that works for your skill level and interest.
1:1 and 1:2 guide to participant ratios

Offered May to the end of September
Email Ashley at to book your dates.