Start with indoor beginner climbing courses and progress to lead climbing outdoors. Our experienced instructors teach kids and adults year-round.

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Climb On Outdoors - Teens

Spend 3 days rock climbing at popular beginner routes in and around Kananaskis Country with ACMG guides. In 101, you'll have fun as you learn basic climbing skills like belaying, climbing calls and movement. In 201, you're already comfortable with the basics so you'll work on developing foot placement, hand positions and route reading. Required: check equipment list and additional information in the online event details. Prerequisite for 201: Climb On Outdoors 101 or equivalent. Includes: ACMG guides, all climbing equipment.


Don't climb indoors this summer—try your skills on real rock instead. Join us for the day in this unique program that takes the gym experience outdoors. Meet other climbers and get beta from our experienced instructors to learn about or improve on outdoor climbing techniques. All skills levels welcome. 17+. Prerequisite: current belay test. Includes: all required climbing equipment.

Intro To Crack Climbing

Have aspirations to climb in Squamish, the Bugaboos or Yosemite? Our unique wall has all the finger cracks, off-widths and chimneys that you will need to know how to send before tackling the climbing destinations of the world. In this 3-hour class, you'll learn to twist, lock, jam, squeeze and thrash 'til it hurts so good. Prerequisite: belay test. Includes: instructor, climbing equipment, shoes, athletic tape.

Rock Rescue and Hauling Systems

Stuff happens—be prepared!
Learn how to help out a fallen/injured/tired/panicked climber. The skills learned in this course have a wide variety of applications that can help you get out of a tight spot. Topics include tying off the belay, raising and lowering a person/load, counter balance rappels, ascending a rope, and more.

Prerequisite: belay test.

Yosemite Series

Do you fantasize about long, hard technical climbs? This 6-week series will help you attain all of the skills you need to take on your biggest objectives. Each class focuses on a different skill set—anchor building, rope rescue and hauling systems, gear placement and even aid climbing. As the focus is on the technical side of climbing, you should already feel confident with basic rope techniques and movement. Prerequisite: some lead climbing experience highly recommended. Includes: instructor, technical equipment. Bring personal gear.

Custom Outdoor Climbing - Schools

Let us take you outside! Our experienced certified guides will provide a fun safe day out in the mountains. We will work with you to set up a program that will meet your goals for the day.

Scouts Canada Groups

Bring your Beavers, Cubs, or Scouts group climbing here with us at the U of C climbing centre. We have specialized pricing and programming in place for each age group designed with the learning needs and age considerations of each level in mind. If that doesn't work for you, let us know and we can try something else!

Multi-Pitch Monday (Ice)

Extend your Ice Climbing Weekend and go a little higher. Learn multi-pitch techniques and climb with our ACMG certified climbing guides in a low participant to instructor ratio of 2:1. 16 years and up. Prerequisite: must have completed an Ice Climbing Weekend or equivalent this year. Includes: ACMG guide, use of technical equipment.

Multi-Pitch Mondays

This program has a 1:2 instructor to participant ratio, and the group will be divided into compatible teams to climb a suitable ‘multi-pitch’ (several rope lengths) route in the Bow Valley, Kananaskis or Canmore area with an ACMG guide.