Sea Kayaking

Paddling on the West Coast is a bucket list item. Start with sea kayaking lessons, then join us for a weeklong tour in summer.

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Sea Kayak Gear, Clothing & Food

Understand the basics of clothing/gear selection and menu-planning. We'll also look at packing strategies and waterproofing. Discover how to get it all in your kayak and still have room for a surprising variety of quality food. Prerequisite: none. Includes: instructor, course materials.

Sea Kayak Roll - Pool Clinic

A great confidence builder—learning to roll a sea kayak will get you out of a sticky situation on the ocean. Receive step-by-step instruction to help you complete your first roll in the safety of the University of Calgary pool. Prerequisite: Kayak Roll Introduction if rolling is a new skill for you. You many wish to bring a nose plug. Includes: instructor, all paddling gear.

Fun Paddle

Our fun paddles make it easy to get out on the water and keep active. Join us and do away with the hassle of transporting equipment. We'll have an instructor available to help you launch your boat and offer some quick pointers to get you paddling. The session runs for 2.5 hours but registration is required so we can get the boats organized.

Open Recreation Pool Session

Use our gear to practice and strengthen your paddling skills during this 1.5 hour session at the University of Calgary pool. Formal/paid instruction is not allowed. To reserve a spot, call Active Living Client Services at 403.220.7749. 14 years and up. Prerequisite: ability to do a braces entry and wet exit. Clean personal boats and solo canoes are welcome. Includes: river/sea kayaks, paddles, spraydecks.

Columbia River Wetlands, BC

A birding paradise! Paddle through marshes and down beautiful Columbia Valley, away from the towns and with great mountain views. This short weekend paddling trip in the warm valley of the Rocky Mountains trench is perfect for families.

Reading Tide & Current Tables

Do you know that on the West Coast, there are four tides daily? Learn the importance of tides and how to read tide and current tables and discover how they affect planning a kayak trip. Prerequisite: none. Includes: instructor, course materials.

Red Deer River, AB: Big Valley to Morrin Bridge

The gentle section of the Red Deer River from Big Valley to Morrin Bridge features desert-like badlands scenery. This is a great trip to develop kayaking and camping skills-perfect for the whole family! From camp, hike up into the hoodoos and search for dinosaur bones.

Sea Kayak Complete Beginner Weekend

This beginner course will take you through the fundamentals of sea kayaking in one fun weekend. On Wednesday or Thursday evening we’ll cover rescue skills in the pool. Then Saturday we head to Glenmore Reservoir for an introduction to paddling skills and cover gear, clothing and food that will help you prepare for a trip. We finish the weekend with a day tour to beautiful Barrier Lake in Kananaskis Country. This is everything you’ll need in one weekend.

Sea Kayak Navigation (Chart & Compass)

The nautical chart is specifically designed to navigate coastal waters. Don’t wait until you are at the water’s edge to figure out where you are going – have a plan. Learn how to read a nautical chart and use a marine compass. This is a must-have, basic skill for all sea kayakers. Prerequisite: none. Includes: instructor, course materials.

Sea Kayak Rescue - Pool Clinic

Thinking of kayaking on the coast? Learn the basics of flat-water kayak rescues, bracing techniques (to prevent capsizing), paddle float, and assisted/sling rescues, all in the comfort of the University of Calgary pool. Practice on your own over the winter in Open Recreation Pool Sessions. Prerequisite: none. A wetsuit is recommended. Includes: instructor, all paddling gear.

South Saskatchewan River, AB

This is an easy multi-day kayaking trip on the South Saskatchewan River near Medicine Hat. This beautiful prairie river has deep valley walls and rolling hills-perfect for a post-paddle hike to stretch you legs. View wildlife and birds as we paddle through the Prairie Coulees Natural Area and random camp along the way.

Sea Kayak Introduction

You will learn how to get in and out of a kayak without getting wet and we will teach the basic strokes you need to move and turn your kayak. We will also teach bracing strokes to help you become comfortable in your boat. You will learn about group safety skills and paddling techniques for wind.

Sea Kayak Day Tours

Learn the basics of sea kayaking with this day tour out of the city in a beautiful destination! This day tour includes instruction on sea kayaks, basic strokes and paddling safety, while we enjoy a relaxing scenic paddle in the mountains.

Slocan Lake, BC Paddle and Hike

Located in the beautiful Kootenays, this 39km-long lake is surrounded by scenic mountains. We'll take our time paddling along the west bank (most of it in Valhalla Provincial Park) and enjoy beach camping only accessible by water. Stunning waterfalls and hiking opportunities will add more variety to this paddling trip.

Broken Group Islands Lodge-Based Tour

Discover marine wildlife on the West Coast with a picturesque lodge as your homebase. In this 5-day sea kayaking tour, explore the Broken Group Islands in Barkley Sound—famous for it's intricate waterways, towering cliffs, white sandy beaches and tidal pools. Relax in the fully-appointed Sechart Lodge and share your experiences with fellow paddlers from the deck overlooking the inlet, and sleep in a warm bed each night. This fully-appointed lodge offers home-cooked meals and a hot tub. Prerequisite: none. Includes: guide, all kayak gear, Sechart Lodge fees, all meals, ferry passage from Port Alberni.

Broken Group Islands Camping Tour

Join us for a classic 5-day sea kayaking tour in the Broken Group Islands of Pacific Rim National Park. We'll introduce you to a world of intricate waterways, towering cliffs and white sandy beaches. Explore tidal pools, peaceful lagoons, and discover the diverse marine wildlife of Barkley Sound. The 40 islands and 80 islets provide relatively calm waters for beginners and longer days for those more experienced. We'll camp at several different beaches or set up a base-camp to explore the area. Prerequisite: none. Includes: guide, all kayak/group cooking gear, cook shelter, park/camping fees, and a scenic 3-hour return boat ride out of the Alberni Inlet.

Nootka Island & Nuchatlitz Camping Tour

A 6-day sea kayaking trip on the remote west coast of Vancouver Island is the perfect way to get away from it all. Nootka Island is a paddler's paradise—the rugged coastline is broken up by hidden coves and stretches of sandy beach which make for ideal camping. Intertidal life is plentiful and there's lots of opportunity to explore on land in the lush rainforest. Sea otters are always a highlight and black bear sightings are common. This is a remote, less-travelled paddling destination. Offered in conjunction with Gabriola Sea Kayaking. Prerequisite: previous tripping and paddling experience. Includes: guide, water taxi, all kayak gear, group cooking gear/cook shelter, park and camping fees.

Deer Group Camping Tour

Explore the southern side of the West Coast's Barkley Sound on this exciting 5-day sea kayaking trip. The Deer Group is a string of islands that face the Imperial Eagle Channel, which feeds into the Alberni Inlet. This is a more challenging paddling trip that features rugged shorelines, pocket beaches, secluded camping, caves, arches and loads of adventure. Prerequisite: previous tripping and paddling experience. Includes: guide, water taxi, all kayak gear, group cooking gear/cook shelter, park and camping fees.

Clayoquot Sound Camping Tour

Paddle in a UNESCO International Biosphere Reserve. This 5-day sea kayaking trip in Clayoquot Sound provides the quintessential West Coast paddling experience. We’ll travel and camp along the shorelines of Vargas and Flores Islands exploring bays, offshore islands and islets, and large white sandy beaches. This trip offers a nice balance between paddling and relaxation. Offered in conjunction with Gabriola Sea Kayaking. Prerequisite: previous tripping and paddling experience. Includes: guide, all kayak gear, group cooking gear/cook shelter, park and camping fees.

Jackson Kinnaird Loop, AB

Over 5 days, we'll travel to Lac La Biche and paddle the beautiful lake circuit north of town. Choose a kayak or canoe and learn/develop trip-planning or paddling skills in this flat water area. The Jackson Kinnaird loop is a fantastic trip to view wildlife, or just relax on the water and around camp. You'll meet other paddlers and have plenty of time to practice. Prerequisite: module A recommended. Includes: guide, canoe or kayak/group camping gear. 

Johnstone Straight Camping Tour

On this 6-day sea kayak trip, you'll experience the Kwakawak'wakw cultural landscape which is incredibly rich in marine life, black bears and a wide variety of birds. We'll paddle the deep and narrow glacier-carved passage of Johnstone Strait flanked by the Vancouver Island mountain range on one side, and the Broughton Archipelago and Coast Range peaks on the other. Our crossing of Johnstone Strait into the Broughtons provides the opportunity to view one of the highest concentrations of Orca whales in North America. This trip is offered in conjunction with Gabriola Sea Kayaking. Prerequisite: some tripping and paddling experience. Includes: guide, water taxi, all kayak gear, group cooking gear/cook shelter, park and camping fees.