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Dinos Volleyball Camps

You’ll get in shape for the volleyball season with jump training and strength sessions, advanced team play and tactics as well as development of your individual skills. Off the court, you’ll improve your fitness level and get nutrition strategies for peak performance.

Please note that this program is delivered by Dinos Athletics and registered through UofC Active LIving.

Mixed Competitive Volleyball

Intramural Sports offers volleyball players a wide selection of leagues tiered to allow you to select the type of competition you want. Teams will be scheduled for 8 regular season games including standings and playoffs. Games will be self-officiated.

NEW this year, double headers each night, teams will play a 16 game season.

Recreational Volleyball

Intramural Sports recreational volleyball emphasizes fun and team play. Teams will be scheduled for 8 regular season games. There are still standings and playoffs. Leagues are self officiated.