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Cardio Core

Work up a sweat and strengthen your core in our new, Cardio Core class! Great for those looking for a significant calorie burn while primarily targeting your core muscles. 

Drop-in Gym

Latin Jam

Lose yourself in the music, swing your hips and feel like a superstar all while achieving your fitness goals. Burn calories and build lean core muscles to the rhythmic expression of Latin music and learn steps to salsa, cha cha, merengue and bachata. 

Gymnastic FIT

Gymnasts have amazing overall fitness. Come and train in the Gymnastics Centre using the same kinds of exercises we use to condition our athletes. Exercises will utilize the various apparatus in the gym to build strength, stamina, flexibility, balance and co-ordination utilizing body weight exercises. Some light resistance may be achieved  with resistance and therapy bands and sliders. This 45 minute structured class will utilize a variety of training techniques such as circuits and intervals ensure a workout that will be dynamic, engaging and challenging to any fitness level.