Our experienced instructors will teach you the basics and help you to become a strong, confident climber on the University of Calgary bouldering wall.

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Old Man Petes

Calgary's Not-So-Serious Bouldering Competition

Whatever your skill level, this semi-competitive event will be fun way to challenge yourself and get first dibs on sending all the sweet new boulder problems. 

Register for Youth (ages 7-14, non-competitive), Beginner, Intermediate or Expert category. 

Tuesday Technique

Fine-tune your bouldering technique and discover simple exercises that you can incorporate into your routine to send harder and prevent injuries. Each 1-hour session will break down a different movement skill so you understand when, how and why to apply technique in your own climbing. Drop-in program, all skill levels welcome. Includes: coach. Please bring your own shoes and chalk.

Beginner Bouldering Series

Bouldering is hard! Learn the basics to get you off the ground and working those burly problems. In this multi-week program receive tips and coaching on footwork, grip types, body positions and route-reading. Each class also explores warming up, injury prevention and safe practices so you can stay healthy and strong as you continue to push your limits. No experience required. Includes: instructor, climbing shoes.


Break out of the boring gym routine and have fun achieving a full-body burn while developing body awareness and balance.  A blend of bouldering and resistance training, this program is perfect for non-climbers seeking a new and engaging fitness option, or climbers looking to build strength to send harder. Includes: instructor, climbing shoes, chalk.

Climbing - Schools

Engaging climbing programs for school groups
Ages 7 and older.  
Minimum of 6 participants, maximum of 30.

If you are interested in booking a climbing lesson for your school please email Nick and Ashley at with the following information;

School Name
School Address
Contact name and phone number
Number of students
Number of sessions
Climbing program 
Dates and times requested

Climbing Parties

Don't want kids bouncing off your walls?  Let them climb ours instead! 
Party-goers defy gravity on the indoor climbing and bouldering walls. Instruction is minimal because the emphasis is put on climbing as much as possible.  No experience required.
Includes:  Youth oriented instruction and climbing equipment (except shoes)

Set up a custom climbing party by emailing Nick at with the following information;
  • Your name and contact information
  • Number of participants and their average age
  • 2 potential dates and times that work for you

Custom Outdoor Climbing - Schools

Let us take you outside! Our experienced certified guides will provide a fun safe day out in the mountains. We will work with you to set up a program that will meet your goals for the day.

Scouts Canada Groups

Bring your Beavers, Cubs, or Scouts group climbing here with us at the U of C climbing centre. We have specialized pricing and programming in place for each age group designed with the learning needs and age considerations of each level in mind. If that doesn't work for you, let us know and we can try something else!

Climbing and Bouldering Wall Booking

Both the Climbing and Bouldering walls can be to external groups looking to practice or teach a variety of skills such as crevasse rescue, rock/high angle rescue, trad/crack climbing techniques and caving.   Any group wanting to run an instructional program (paid or unpaid) or a technical practice session, must block book the climbing or bouldering wall and comply to the Outdoor Centre's Outside Instructor Policies.  

No outside instruction is permitted in either facility during open rec hours. 

For more details on block bookings for the Bouldering and Climbing Walls please contact Ashley or Nick at with the following information:

Group name
Number of participants
Certification extrenal Instructors or group leaders
2-3 dates and times that would work for you group. 
Contact infromation

Climbing Group Bookings

Get the most out of your climbing experience!  Our youth oriented instructors make climbing safe while minimizing instructional time so that the kids can focus on having fun.   

Book your group booking now by emailing Nick at with the following information;
  • Your name and contact information
  • Number of participants and average age
  • Length of lesson
  • 2 potential dates and times that work for you
  • Adaptive needs (if any)
Minimum of 6 participants, maximum of 30

Adapted Custom Lessons

These programs are designed to introduce people with special needs to a fun lifelong activity. Our unique wall allows us to set up a variety of different programs and systems in order to accommodate climbers with any physical or developmental disabilities. Our experienced and enthusiastic instructors will work with you to create a custom program fitted to whatever your needs may be. We will challenge participants in a fun, safe, supportive manner to ensure that each participant feels included and successful.

To set up a climbing program please email Ashley or Nick at and we will work with you to meet your needs.

Team Building

After learning the fundamentals of safe belaying technique, climbers will tackle climbing challenges, games, and rappelling in this fun, experience based program. 

Email Nick and Ashley at to register with the following infromation
  • Contact name and phone number
  • Number of participants
  • Age
  • Booking length
  • Any specific team building  goals or objective you have.
  • 2 dates and times requested

Climbing Private Lessons

Learn what you want and do it when it works best for you!  Our private and semi-private lessons allow you to create a program tailored to your specific interests, needs or skill level.  All technical equipment is provided, including shoes.

Adaptive Private Lessons:
For youth and adults, these 45 min lessons will help participants explore possibilites on the climbing and bouldering walls.   Participants climb one-on -one with an instructor with experience working with participants with mental and physical disabilities.  Can be set up as a single day program or as a series.
Includes: Adaptive climbing equipment, shoes

To set up a private lesson please email Ashley and Nick at  with the following information;

• Your name and contact information
• Skills you are interested in learning
• Length of lesson
• 2 potential Dates and times that work for you
• Instructor preferences (male/female, specific instructors..)