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Kids Adapted Climbing Series

This program is designed to introduce children with special needs to the challenges and rewards of indoor climbing. Your child will be paired with a volunteer to do 45 minutes of climbing in a one hour block. We will focus on fun and success! Prerequisite: children must be registered with APAK.  

Adapted Custom Lessons

These programs are designed to introduce people with special needs to a fun lifelong activity. Our unique wall allows us to set up a variety of different programs and systems in order to accommodate climbers with physical or developmental disabilities. Our experienced and enthusiastic instructors will work with you to create a custom program fitted to whatever your needs may be. We will challenge participants in a fun, safe, supportive manner to ensure that each participant feels included and successful.

To set up a climbing program please email Ashley or Nick at

Climbing Private Lessons

Learn what you want and do it when it works best for you!  Our private and semi-private lessons allow you to create a program tailored to your specific interests, needs or skill level.  All technical equipment is provided, including shoes.

Adaptive Private Lessons:
For youth and adults, these 45 min lessons will help participants explore possibilites on the climbing and bouldering walls.   Participants climb one-on -one with an instructor with experience working with participants with mental and physical disabilities.  Can be set up as a single day program or as a series.
Includes: Adaptive climbing equipment, shoes

To set up a private lesson please email Ashley and Nick at  with the following information;

• Your name and contact information
• Skills you are interested in learning
• Length of lesson
• 2 potential Dates and times that work for you
• Instructor preferences (male/female, specific instructors..)