Cross Country Skiing

Beginner to advanced cross-country ski lessons will give you the skills to explore groomed trails in Kananaskis for years to come. Enjoy winter again!

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A. Cross-Country Seminars to Get You Started

Prepare for the cross-country skiing season with these 1-hour informative sessions that include Ski Waxing, Cross-Country Gear, Nutrition, and Sport Psychology and Motivation. Get on the right track with professional advice to make your ski experience positive and enjoyable. Prerequisite: none. Includes: Instructor.

Cross-Country Ski Wax Clinics

Learn all about grip and glide in this practical 2-hour, hands-on wax clinic taught by an expert in the field. Get great tips on caring for your skis, including how to apply glide and kick wax. Prerequisite: none. Remember to bring your own skis. Includes: Instructor, waxing equipment, wax.