Youth Tennis

Multi-Racquet Camp

Badminton, Tennis, Squash, Racquetball, Pickleball in 1 Week
Why have your kids at home making a racket when they could be putting that energy into a whole variety of racquet sports! They will have the opportunity to learn the rules of each sport, while give them lots of time to play and practice. Not only will your child get to play a new racquet sport each day, they will get to enjoy fun, outdoor activities that promotes social interaction and team building. 

Tennis Camp

Our week long tennis camps involve fun and challenging games and drills for beginner to intermediate players. Our outdoors tennis courts let participants soak up the sun while they learn and develop tennis skills as well as participate in other social outdoor activities.

Tennis - Schools

The UC Racquet Centre has 4 outdoor courts that are available for school bookings from April-October. We provide the equipment necessary for your school group, and we offer coaching as well. Book your next field trip with UCalgary today! For Tennis bookings, contact Tina Istace (403)220-3405