Youth Climbing


This beginner play-based program introduces young climbers-to-be to the vertical world. Children 4-6 years old will build confidence and physical literacy skills through bouldering games and top-rope climbing over a series of weeks. Our child-oriented instructors teach safety and emphasize making climbing FUN. No experience required. Includes climbing equipment, child-oriented instruction.

Mountain Kids

This beginner climbing series will get children 7-10 years old excited to be active and explore their limits. Over a series of weeks, they will learn to belay, and develop fundamental movement skills through top-rope climbing and bouldering. No experience required. Includes climbing equipment, child-oriented instruction.

Youth Climbing Club

Develop body awareness, coordination and strength—and have tons of fun. In this introductory series, youth10-14 years old attend weekly sessions with our dedicated coaches who teach key skills for climbing and belaying safely. No experience required. Includes instructor, climbing equipment.

Teen Climbing Club

Love climbing and ready to learn more? This 10-week intermediate program for teens offers a fun, social environment to develop lead climbing skills, discover mental tricks, and learn new movement techniques. Our coaches incorporate warm-ups, stretching, and strength training into each class to increase fitness and build awareness around injury prevention.  Includes instructor, climbing equipment.
Prerequisite: must be able to top rope belay and top rope climb 5.8 comfortably.

Kids Adapted Climbing Series

The KACS program is for youth with additional mental or physical considerations, and will focus on developing physical literacy, confidence, and a sense of success through climbing and bouldering.  In this program, trained volunteers will be paired up with each child to provided 1:1 support (including belaying, spotting, encouragement, and completing safety checks). Our climbing instructors ensure a safe and positive environment, and will progressively teach climbing and movement skills throughout this 10-week series. 

Custom Adapted Climbing (indoor)

We can create custom adapted climbing programs for youth and adults with mental or physical considerations. These individualized programs focus on developing physical literacy, confidence, and a sense of success through climbing and bouldering. For more information, email Want to explore other adapted programs? Search ‘Adaptive Programs’.