Dinos Volleyball Camps

Kill it with your team this fall by registering in a Dinos Volleyball Camp this summer! Improve your level of fitness, learn skill-specific drills, explore game play opportunities, jump training and strength sessions, advanced team play and tactics as well as development of your individual skills. Off the court, you’ll improve your fitness level and get nutrition strategies for peak performance.

Dinos men's and women's volleyball are consistantly ranked in USPORTS top 10. Dinos women were 2018 Canada West Champions and competed at the USPORTS national championship.

Please note that this program is delivered by Dinos Athletics and registered through UofC Active LIving.

Please note that there is a discrepancy between the price of the volleyball camps listed in the summer camp brochure and the website. The brochure listed price is incorrect. The website price is the actual cost of the camps. Thank you.

Mixed Competitive Volleyball

Winter 2019 registration will open Nov. 12.

Please note that due to the bleacher renovations in the Jack Simpson gym, the Volleyball season will be shorter this year and smaller (40 teams within both Tuesday and Thursday leagues), ending Feb. 28.  Winter 2019 teams will be playing 5 double headers (10 games)

Intramural Sports offers volleyball players a wide selection of leagues tiered to allow you to select the type of competition you want. Teams will play a 10-16 game season, with a double headers each night. This league includes standings and playoffs and officials. Mixed Teams are required to have at least 2 players of the opposite gender on the court at all times.

This year all volleyball leagues will have a seeding round. This is part of your alloted games. The seeding round is to try and balance the divisions for the remainder of the semester. The reseed will take place after all teams have played 4 games.  Some teams may move up or move down a division.

Recreational Volleyball

Recreational volleyball has been moved over to the mixed competitive Division C.