Outdoor Survival

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Survivor Camp

Do you think it would be fun to learn how to survive in the wild?! We'll rotate days in and out of the city hiking and learning hands-on survival skills. Campers will learn navigation skills, fire and shelter building, wildlife safety and much more. On the final day of camp, we'll test our skills with a Survival Challenge Day.

Please Note: this program involves travel in a 15-passenger van driven by trained and qualified drivers.

Snow Shelter

Family Friendly! Learn how to build a variety of snow shelters as part of your family survival skill set. We'll spend a Saturday out in Kananaskis building quinzees, trench shelters, snow caves, Scottish igloos, shovel igloos and Inuit igloos. You can head home at the end of the day, or sleep over in your creation. There is a pre-trip meeting that covers the details. Prerequisite: none. Includes: instructor, manual, use of snow shelter construction tools and cooking equipment.