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Kendo Club

Welcome to Kendo Club. Kendo is a traditional Japanese Martial art of Fencing using a bamboo sword called a Shinai. The goal of Kendo is to develop one’s self through h practice. Physical and mental strength can be achieved via rigorous practice and commitment to one self and others. Initially all that is required is athletic clothing and appreciation for traditions as well as s traditional teaching methods. Students must purchase all of their own gear. Shinai are for sale through the club and advice on equipment is freely given.

Please be aware of the differences between each level.

For Beginners program: Beginners being those that have none or very minimal Kendo experience.
For Advanced Beginners program: Advanced Beginners being those that have own equipment and beginners Kendo experience from the University club or from another club.
For Regular Kendo program: For returning University club members, or anyone who has own Bogu and Kendo experience.