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Non Checking Ice Hockey

Rip one from the point, Go top shelf, Stack the pads!

Intramural Sports offers ice hockey players a wide selection of leagues to choose from. All leagues are tiered to allow you to select the type of competition that suits you.

Teams will be scheduled for 8 regular season games. All competitive ice hockey leagues will have the following: standings, certified officials and playoffs.

"A" - Players will have advanced skills and knowledge of the rules. They would have played at an elite level within a city league. Teams are highly competitive.

"B" - Players will have intermediate to advanced skills and firm knowledge of the rules. They would have played at a competitive level within a city leagues. Teams are still competitive.

"C" - Players are relatively new to the sport - still learning the skills and will have basic knowledge of the rules. Empasis is on fun over competition. Teams want the competitive atmosphere. No slap shots.

All division descriptions are a base guideline.

Winter 2018 registration deadline is January 9 @ 4pm