Group Fitness

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This class will challenge your core strength and muscle endurance while leaving you with long lean legs and defined arms and back. Barre Fusion combines elements of Pilates, core conditioning, classical ballet and resistance training on and off a barre. Through a variety of blended exercises you will develop strength, muscle tone, coordination, body awareness and flexibility while promoting proper posture, joint flexibility and lumbo pelvic stability.  You will work in this class! 


Build your strength, endurance and definition using bars, plates and free weights in this effective group weight training program. The weight room comes into the studio to transform your body using all major muscle groups. Focus is on technique, precision and getting you results!


Combine the power and energy of indoor cycling with an added focus on core stability. After a challenging 40-minute ride, a core-conditioning component will improve posture, balance and stability.

Deep Water Running

This invigorating, impact-free class works and tones all muscle groups. It's perfect for stretching running muscles or training for an upcoming race.


Get your fifty-minute fitness fix!  An effective full-body workout including a variety of cardio, strength, core training and stretch, perfect for those on a tight schedule who want to squeeze in fitness over the lunch hour.


Designed for those looking for a low impact, moderately paced class.  In this full body workout you will improve strength, endurance and your ability to move efficiently through function resistance training, body awareness and core strength. Suitable for all fitness levels.


This slower gentle hatha yoga class is suitable for people of all ages including beginners and emphasizes alignment and breathing techniques to stretch and strengthen the body. Through breathing and relaxation techniques we create space for a more mindful and healthy life.  A fun class with a variety of options for all levels.


This 45 minute "express" workout is designed to strengthen and tone your core. Bodyweight, free weights, stability balls, flex bands and more will be used to strengthen the muscles, including abs, back and pelvis. The focus will be on proper form and safely pushing your personal limits.


In this 45-minute bootcamp class anything can happen!   A high-intensity-interval based class that combines full body compound exercises with bursts of cardio intervals designed to increase your endurance, strength and core.


Challenge the 620+ muscles in your body in this ultimate cardio workout! You'll put your cycling skills, endurance, aerobic capacity and focus to the test in this fun, social class. All levels are welcome to join and work at their own pace.


Enjoy this lower-intensity, traditional fitness class  that combines cardio and simple low-impact movements including strength, core conditioning and flexibility. Designed for mature and older adults, this program is for all fitness levels and will give you a full-body workout that will keep you moving in a non-intimidating environment


Learn practical self defense moves and get a great cardio workout with the help of our high-energy, dynamic instructor. You’ll develop skills through targeted drills done on your own and with other participants in a safe, non-competitive environment.

Loppet Masters

Technique and performance is the focus of this 24-week cross-country ski course designed for alumni of the Loppet programs, or those with equivalent experience. With the help of our enthusiastic and experienced coaches, you will set goals and be motivated to improve classic technique and fitness. We will also have a skate ski coach for those who want that option. This is a fun, focused training and touring program in which we will try to ski in various locations—working in longer touring days when the snow is awesome. You'll have coaching support at 2 Loppets this season, which could include the Edmonton Birkebeiner, Huckleberry Loppet or the Lake Louise Loppet. Prerequisite: great for those who have previously done multiple Loppets or who have equivalent cross-country ski experience. Includes: 20 x 60-90 min dryland training sessions, 10 x 1.5 hour mid-week evening ski sessions, 11 x 3 or 4 hour weekend ski days, University Fitness Centre membership during program, fitness instruction, on-snow coaching, Foothills Nordic trail maintenance fees. Participants are responsible for transportation, ski gear, trail passes and Loppet fees.


Strengthen, lengthen and tone by focusing on deep, inner-core and postural muscles in this fun Pilates mat class. You'll increase stability and mobility in your spine, shoulders and hips while enhancing your body awareness and improving your postural alignment.

Private Group Training

Get motivated and get results with the help of a personal trainer and a small group with similar goals. Experience the variety, constant supervision and support associated with Personal Training along with the added benefit of social interaction.

Prior to group training, your trainer will meet with you for a one-on-one session to ensure that they help you reach your personal goals. We will work with you to determine a time and day of the week that works for your whole group where you can train in one of our private training studios.

All U of C Personal Fitness Trainers have, at minimum, a degree in Kinesiology and a nationally recognized personal training certification. Our team of professionals participate in ongoing training to ensure you are getting the most current information and leading edge-training principles.


The essence of raja yoga is the integration of mind, body and spirit. Practices include yoga poses, self-awareness and meditation which lead to a greater enjoyment of life and equips you to better manage conflicts and frustrations common to modern living. Suitable for older adults or those who have never done yoga as well as those continuing their yoga journey.


This class combines step choreography and body sculpting to improve cardio and muscular tone for a total body workout. Our certified instructor will lead you through the basics and progress gradually to more challenging sequences to keep things fresh and motivating!


Get your cardio fix in this 45 minute high intensity interval training workout!  Class begins with a short warm-up, followed by a series of four minute exercise sequences broken into eight 20/10 intervals (20 seconds of intense work followed by 10 seconds of rest).


This bootcamp-inspired class targets all major muscle groups to maximize your calorie burn! Join our high energy instructors to experience cardio and strength drills designed to give you a challenging and effective total body workout.

University of Calgary Boulderers

Join a friendly community of climbers and learn new movement skills each class.   Accelerate through the learning curve with games, drills and friends cheering you on. 
5 weeks

Women's Self Defense

Learn techniques, tactics and strategies for dealing with the 36 acts of habitual violence for the purposes of self-protection. Students will be taught to navigate entries intended to control them and the appropriate responses based on situational context as well as working with partners to properly simulate those scenarios.  Students will be taught to use their bodies in ways to generate the most power to offset the advantage of a larger attacker.


A highly beneficial practice that is available to all ages, body types and levels, Yin Yoga targets the yin tissues including the joints, connective tissues, bones and fascia within the body. A relaxed practice of floor postures that can be held from three to five minutes, the primary emphasis is on the hips and spine. Experience a more introspective journey with a focus on what the posture feels like rather than what it looks like.  This class will also have a focus on breathwork, meditation and mindfulness.


This dynamic vinyasa style class incorporates traditional poses with creative sequencing to allow for a more varied practice. Your focus is on breath, building full-body strength and flexibility, and proper body alignment.


A creative, dynamic vinyasa flow yoga class with an emphasis on building core stability and awareness. Strengthen your center inside and out.


In this balanced class, we will work with yoga poses, sequences, and other health-promoting practices such as breath and meditation in a supportive and fun environment.  Through movement sequences designed for strength, core stability, flexibility, balance and agility you will learn to cultivate long-term balance.


Ditch the workout, join the party! Easy to follow steps coincide with a celebration of Latin and world music to provide cardio, toning, and FUN!

Climbing Technique Series

Go back to school in this combo technique and fitness program.  Expand your movement repertoire, learn how to focus your mind, improve mobility and build strength to achieve your climbing and fitness goals. Prerequisite Previous instruction on basic movement techniques recommended. 


Break out of the boring gym routine and have fun achieving a full-body burn while developing body awareness and balance.  Learn how to use the suspension training system along with climbing specific resistance training and on the wall exercises that will help you send harder and improve overall fitness.

TrymGym Initial Program

TrymGym®… it’s all about you!
Following a one-on-one consultation, begin your journey to a more active lifestyle in this program of twice weekly, small group exercise sessions led by Personal Trainers who are Kinesiologists with advanced certification through the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology. These sessions are designed to assist you in meeting your daily activity guidelines through a combination of resistance and cardiovascular training in a supportive, non-intimidating environment.

Youth Advanced Series

In this 10-week series, teens 13-17 will refine lead climbing, and learn anchor building, multi-pitch and rappelling skills alongside intermediate to advanced movement techniques to make them confident, competent climbers indoor or outside. Our instructors incorporate warm-ups, stretching and strength training into each class to prevent injuries and improve overall fitness.
Prerequisite: significant climbing experience. Includes instructor, climbing equipment. Payment options available.

Adult Swim Workout

Join the Red Cross Swim Workout and learn how to develop your own swimming training program. Learn skills and techniques to bring your strokes to the next level and get exposed to all that the water can do for you.

Deep Water Fitness

These invigorating, impact-free classes work and tone all muscle groups. What a great way to burn fat and have fun!