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Winter registration will open up Nov. 16

New policies in place. Please read the list carefully as we wish to still provide you with the best and safest way to play.
-Only current UofC students and staff (on campus or off campus) are able to participate. Alumni (with restrictions).
-Team registrations only, no individual registrations unfortunately, This will help with the cohort policies
-Teams and rostered players will only be allowed to register in league/division. Players may not play in in multiple leagues as directed by AHS guidelines.
-No Seeding round, teams will be scheduled for 8 leagues games. .
-Only 8 players on your roster will be allowed to dress for games.
-Spectators will not be allowed
-Teams will be required to have their own jerseys, light and dark if possible preferable with numbers. These can be same colour shirts.
-Masks must be worn in all UCalgary buildings, they may be taken off for game play.
-All participants must complete 2 waivers, the sport specific one, this will be on your active living profile once you have added to the roster by your captain, and the University Covid waiver, before you will be allowed to participate
-Covid Waiver link, use waiver (semester)XCOV019

All players must use the Covid-19 daily checklist. If they answer yes to any questions, they are not permitted to play and must follow AHS guidelines. Covid-19 Check list

Intramural Sports offers dodgeball players a mixed league to play in. Teams will be scheduled for 8-10 regular season games. This league has standings, officials and playoffs. Players would have basic to advanced skills and knowledge of the rules.