Crevasse Rescue

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3-day Intro to Glacier Mountaineering

Our 3-day Introduction to Glacier Mountaineering course will teach you the skills required to access and ascend many of the glaciated peaks in the Canadian Rockies. To reinforce instruction of technical skills there will be an opportunity for a guided glacier tour or the ascent of one of the peaks near the Columbia Icefields Centre.

You will learn:

- Crevasse rescue skills
- Glacier travel and glacier morphology
- Movement on snow including self arrest techniques
- Movement on low angle glacier ice, use of crampons and ice axe
- Building snow and ice anchors, ice screw placement
- Risk management in the alpine environment
- Basic navigation techniques

Private Ski and Ice Climbing Guiding

Join one of our ACMG-certified guides for a day or more of guided backcountry skiing, ice climbing, or instructional content. This can be an extremely cost-effective way to get you and your friends out in the hills with a qualified professional!

Please contact us for a complete quote. Maximum ratios will vary depending on the chosen objective.

Rates begin at $575 per day for one guest, with an additional $50 for each additional guest to a maximum of six guests per guide. Guests will also be responsible for Guide expenses, such as mileage, or for transporting the guide to the program venue. Guests will also be responsible for expenses such as hut and camping fees, guides' food, and backcountry passes for overnight trips. Certain very long objectives completed in a single day may have an additional surcharge applied.

Please contact ocprograms@ucalgary.cafor a detailed quote.

Crevasse Rescue 1

Spend a day learning the equipment and techniques used in crevasse rescue.
We will use a site in the Bow Valley that allows us to practice skills essential to safe travel on a glacier, as well as basic rescue systems.

This course teaches fundamental crevasse rescue skills, including: 
- glacier topography and safe navigation 
- roping up for glacier travel 
- rope management 
- holding a load 
- tractor pull rescue technique 
- drop loop assisted rescue 
- transferring a load 
- hauling systems  
- self-rescue techniques