A unique adventure—Explore Rat's Nest Cave with experienced guides on a caving tour that's just one hour from Calgary.

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Rat's Nest Cave Adventure Tour

Looking for something warmer to try this winter? Caving is perfect, as the temperature inside is a constant +5 degrees. Explore ancient passageways in Rat's Nest Cave near Canmore and see large chambers, narrow passages and a tranquil underground pool. Along the way, descend an 18m rappel, and crawl through the 'laundry chute' for just some of the highlights of this thrilling adventure. Course meets in Canmore. Prerequisite: moderate physical condition. Includes: caving guide, coveralls, all technical equipment. If you are interested in other dates, contact Rachel:

Intro to Horizontal Caving

Learn to cave! 
This 1-day course intended for people with little or no experience is a fantastic introduction to caving fundamentals including safe travel and comfort underground. While caving, you will learn navigation skills and movement techniques and understand how to keep both you and the cave safe. We will discuss theory and equipment options, and work on skills such as knot craft.

Intro to Vertical Caving

This 2-day course will introduce you to the art of Single Rope Technique (SRT) - the means by which cavers access vertical/technical areas in caves. Learn the fundamentals of SRT, and practice moving through different obstacles.