Teen Canoe Day Camp

Spend 3 days learning all about canoeing. This camp’s Drop-off and Pick-up is off campus at Bowness Park, see below for details. On the first day we will learn the basics at the Bowness Lagoon. Then, on the second day, progress our skills at the Bowness Eddies with an introduction to moving water. On the last day all our new skills will be put to the test on a down river float from Bowness to Inglewood. Our guides will cover water safety, paddling strokes, river reading, navigation and what is needed for a day of paddling
Prerequisite- ability to swim 50 m while wearing a lifejacket
Includes- paddling equipment (if you have your own lifejacket please bring it)
Drop-off and pick-up locations
Wednesday- Drop off/Pick up at Bowness Park
Thursday- Drop off/Pick up at Bowness Park
Friday- Drop off at Bowness Park. Pick up at Inglewood 

Maps will be provided

Custom Canoe/Kayak Program - Schools

Want to give your students the trip of the year? Customize a group booking through the Outdoor Centre. Our guides can teach your students the canoeing/kayaking and wilderness skills needed while on a single day trip or weeklong expedition. All gear can be provided by the Outdoor Centre. Fill out the Outdoor Centre Custom Group Activities Booking form to learn more.

Custom Paddle Program

This program is for a custom group only to register and not open to the public.    If you are interested in booking a custom program yourself, please contact

McLennan Lakes, SK

Relax on this week-long canoe trip on some of the hundreds of lakes that are interconnected with short portages. McLennan Lakes is a gem of a spot in Northern Saskatchewan where you can fish for lake trout, swim in crystal-clear waters and take in the stunning northern lights. The trip begins just north of Missinipe. Prerequisite: none but Canoeing A recommended. Includes guides, all canoe/group camping gear.

A. Intro to Lake Canoeing

You'll learn the basics in this beginner flatwater canoeing lesson that takes place at Bowness Park.  Learn how to track straight lines, turn, brace and how to control your canoe and work together with your partner. We will enjoy paddling in the shelter of the lagoon and down the canal.  Prerequisite: none. Includes: instructor, all canoe gear.

B. Intro to River Canoeing

Build on your flatwater canoeing skills and take them to the Bow River. Join us at Bowness Park where you will learn the skills to safely navigate moving water. You will learn how to do eddy turns and forward ferries in order to increase your confidence on the river. Prerequisite: Canoeing A or equivalent experience. Includes: instructor, all canoe gear.

ABC Solo Whitewater Intro Series

 In this 3-evening introductory series, you will move from flatwater to the exciting whitewater at Harvie Passage.  We will start at the lagoon at Bowness park, move to the eddies and end up at Harvie Passage on the last night.  We'll focus on teaching the essential strokes and build up your skills so you are comfortable on the river. Our solo canoes are designed for those wanting to progress to whitewater. They are smaller with thigh straps and a saddle—easier to maneuver in moving water.Prerequisite: none. Includes: instructor, all solo canoe gear.