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Adapted Physical Activity for Kids

The Adapted Physical Activity for Kids (APAK) program offers children 4-14 years old with special needs the opportunity to gain independence and health benefits in an encouraging and understanding environment.  Children are paired one on one with a volunteer who will work toward pre-determined movement and social goals. This class is designed to introduce children to fundamental movement skills in a fun environment. All abilities are welcome! The goal of this class is to introduce your child to physical activity at whatever level of adaptation (physical or cognitive) is required.

The program was founded by Dr. Lisa Daroux-Cole and is currently coordinated by Heather Leitner, B.Sc. Kinesiology.

All participants (including returning participants) must register and complete the Intake Form prior to September 14th, 2018
For more information please email Dr. Daroux-Cole at

Kids Adapted Climbing Series

This program is designed to introduce children with special needs to the challenges and rewards of indoor climbing. Your child will be paired with a volunteer to do 45 minutes of climbing in a one hour block. We will focus on fun and success!
Prerequisite: You must fill out an intake form for your child prior to the first class.  

Private Swimming Lessons - Child Adapted

Working with a certified water safety instructor, children with a variety of needs will work on items from the Red Cross Adapted Swim programs. Instructors will work one-on-one with children and their families to provide a fun and safe learning environment.

Adaptive Rhythmic Gymnastics

This 45-minute program is designed to introduce children with special needs to the sport of Rhythmic Gymnastics. Rhythmic Gymnastics combines ballet and dance with elements of foundational gymnastics. During our classes your child will develop and increase body awareness, creative expression and flexibility while learning to feel rhythm in music and freedom in artistic movement.

Children will use rhythmic apparatus including ribbon, ball, hoop, rope and scarves, starting with simple activities and progressing to more advanced movements.

Adaptive Gymnastics

This exciting 45-minute program is designed to introduce children with special needs to the sport of artistic gymnastics. Our preschool programs are designed to lay a strong foundation in basic gymnastics which is beneficial for any future sports children may participate in.

If you are interested in programming for grade 1+ please contact the Gymnastics Centre at 403-220-7010