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WRC Awards

The WRC Awards of Excellence Celebrating Women’s Wisdom, Resilience and Compassion are presented by the University of Calgary’s Women’s Resource Centre to an outstanding female alumna and student who have;

  • Achieved professional and/or academic excellence (Wisdom);
  • Overcome barriers and trailblaze for women (Resilience);
  • Made an outstanding contribution to the community and shown a demonstrated commitment to advancing women’s issues (Compassion).

Nominations for 2017 WRC Awards are now closed

The 2017 WRC Awards presentation ceremony will be held on Saturday, March 11, 2017 at the University of Calgary.  

For more information about the WRC Awards, please contact the Women's Resource Centre at 403-220-8551 or

WRC Awards Recipients

WRC Distinguished Alumna Award Recipient 2017
Upon completing her MBA at the University of Alberta (’09), Charlene founded Butler Business Solutions (BBS), a consulting company focused on assisting primarily non-profit organizations. She derives great satisfaction from working with organizations on tough issues such as domestic violence, poverty, mental health and addiction and from assisting immigrant, refugee, indigenous, and other vulnerable populations.
WRC Distinguished Graduate Student Award Recipient 2017
Eliana is a passionate teacher, researcher, and scholar. She was born in Lebanon where she completed a B.Sc in Information Technology from the Holy Spirit University in 2010 and a Masters of Education from Lebanese University in 2013.
WRC Distinguished Undergraduate Student Award Recipient 2017
Chrystal Campbell started her academic career in her late 20’s, first in Business Administration, before transitioning into the Social Work field. Chrystal is now in her final year of the Bachelor of Social Work program at the University of Calgary. As a proud First Nations woman, she is dedicated to finding creative ways to apply her academic and life experience in her community.

The Sheila O'Brien Award

Sheila O'Brien embodies a unique example of leadership that has allowed her to transcend the traditional barriers faced by women. Along with her leadership roles in the private sector, Ms. O'Brien has continued to be active in community and government affairs. The Sheila O'Brien Award for Excellence in Leadership is awarded annually to the volunteer who has demonstrated outstanding leadership and brought a sense of kindness to the Women's Resource Centre.  The recipient is determined based on nominations by fellow WRC volunteers.

The Sheila O'Brien Award for Excellence in Leadership Recipient

The Sheila O'Brien Award for Excellence in Leadership 2017
Lorna is in her final year of her B.A. in Psychology (Hons.) major, with a minor in Women’s Studies. Her research focuses on the perceptions of victims of sexual violence, with particular focus on factors that influence victim-blaming attitudes and endorsement of sexual assault myths.