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Our Mission

We provide a safe and supportive place to advance gender equality and build community through sharing, learning and teaching. We value all experiences and offer the resources necessary to make informed choices.

Our Vision

Is to achieve equality at the university to support an inclusive campus environment. We want every individual’s agency and voice to be nurtured so they can contribute to the collective spirit of our community, where citizenship and leadership is possible for all, regardless of gender.

Our Philosophy

Our values are rooted in three pillars of work: Wellness, Leadership and Diversity. 


Our Leadership Pillar inspires women to recognize and realize their leadership potential by developing their capacity to clarify values and beliefs, communicate effectively, set goals, mentor one another, and recognize personal and professional achievements.


Our Wellness Pillar supports women in establishing a holistic personal framework that enables them to make informed and empowered choices in order to achieve a healthy, balanced lifestyle.


Our Diversity Pillar highlights the role that diversity plays in shaping women's identities and provides tools to build the understanding and self-awareness necessary to promote inclusivity and human rights.

The Women's Resource Centre believes in creating a respectful environment for our visitors, volunteers and staff.  Our Respect Guidelines outline how we do this:

Honouring Diversity

The Women's Resource Centre is first and foremost a place of kindness. We honour each individual's experience regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, culture, religion, class, sexuality, age or ability.


We encourage individuals of all genders to work towards gender equality. Our focus is on providing a safe space for female gendered individuals and are committed to responding to their needs. However, all individuals are welcome to volunteer, partake in certain events, and/or access our resources.

Empowering Choice

All of the resources and referrals given at the Women's Resource Centre must honour each individual's ownership over their mind and body.

Accessible to All Female Gendered Individuals

We extend our services and resources to students, staff and faculty of the university, as well as members of the community.


We employ a peer model where every individual — whether volunteer or visitor — is an equal. In addition, each individual is responsible for the maintenance of the cleanliness and atmosphere of the space.

The Women's Resource Centre Staff and Program Team Leaders reserve the right to request that individuals leave the centre if they do not adhere to the above guidelines.


A Women’s Resource Centre has existed at the university in various forms since the 1970s. In the 1990s, a very small women’s centre existed and relied on volunteers to sustain its efforts. Eventually the centre closed due to space constraints and a lack of funding.

In 2003, a group of women students from Dr. Fiona Nelson’s Women’s Studies Feminist Praxis course took on the task of researching and developing a plan to reinstitute a women’s centre at the university. Their efforts led to the Campus Women’s Resource Centre campaign, which lasted until 2006. At this time  a group of women faculty and staff came together to support their efforts. These women included Dr. Nelson, Catherine Fisher of the Centre for International Students and Study Abroad, Dr. Claudia Emes, acting Advisor to the President on Women’s Issues, and Sheila O’Brien, Advisor to the President on Student Life among others.

Sheila O’Brien became the administrative force behind the founding of the newest evolution of women’s centres at the university when she donated her entire year’s salary to the construction of the new centre.

The Women’s Resource Centre is part of the Take Your Place project, which saw the enhancement of 40 student spaces on campus. The original centre was designed by two women environmental design students, Georgia Houston and Livia Antalikova and was housed on the third floor of MacEwan Hall next to the Ballroom and the Gauntlet. In June 2013, the Women's Resource Centre was moved to a newly renovated and larger space on the fourth floor of MacEwan Student Centre. The Women's Resource Centre is fully funded by the university administration and is part of the Student and Enrolment Services.