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The SU Wellness Centre supports student wellness in mind, body and spirit. By adopting a student-centered approach, our goal is to offer comprehensive, holistic and accessible programs and services that promote student health and wellbeing at the University of Calgary.

Working with University of Calgary students, faculty and staff, as well as with university and community partners, the SU Wellness Centre believes we all have a role in Creating a Healthy Campus Community.

Why is Creating a Healthy Campus Community important?

Student health and wellbeing is essential to academic success. We know that the majority of University of Calgary students experience feelings of being overwhelmed, exhausted or stressed, and that many students report feeling anxious, depressed, lonely or sad. We also know that environments that are supportive to student health and wellbeing help students thrive not only in university but in all areas of their lives.

Who is involved in Creating a Healthy Campus Community?

Everyone – students, faculty and staff have a role to play in Creating a Healthy Campus Community. We all live, work and play in the same environment, so we have a shared role in creating an inclusive, supportive and sustainable community. 

What is Creating a Healthy Campus Community?

Creating a Healthy Campus Community is about empowering students, faculty and staff to participate actively in maintaining their health and wellbeing, while providing an environment that is supportive of wellness. It recognizes that it takes a whole campus to support such an environment. It promotes a multi-dimensional and holistic view of wellness that encompasses the physical, social/cultural, spiritual, environmental, financial, career/academic, and emotional areas of our lives. It means focusing our efforts across various levels – from the individual who needs services to the greater institutional structure. It is something that we can all strive for.