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Community Helpers Training Program

The Community Helpers Program provides the mechanisms to support existing “natural” helpers in the campus community and equips them with the skills and tools needed to help others, such as peers or students, who are experiencing a problem or are in distress. The intent of the program is to build a bridge between the informal and formal support for young adults in the community and to provide awareness of existing supports and services. 

The 14 module training program, totalling over 20 hours of material, covers a wide range of topics.  Topics include: ethics of helping, trust and teamwork, listening skills, helping and self-helping skills, dealing with crisis situations, mental health language & stigma, suicide awareness & prevention, substance abuse, sexual and gender diversity, relationships, conflict resolution, and more.

Title of Training Offered: Community Helpers Training Program
Length of Training: -Full training program is 3 days
-Customized training options are available by request (see details below)
Cost: Free
At the end of training, participants should be able to:

-  Gain and develop skills in handling crises/emergencies and other general concerns

-  Demonstrate the ability to use The Helping & Self-Helping Skills

-  Develop their communication, listening, and collaboration skills

-  Learn about a variety of resources on and off campus

Who should take this training?: This training program is open to anyone who finds themselves in a helping and supporting role. All post-secondary students, staff, and faculty members are encouraged to participate.
Customized Training Options

Community Helpers Training can be customized to fit the needs of your group both in terms of length of training and topics covered. Customized training can be requested by students, staff, or faculty. Click here for a full breakdown of customized options available.

For more details or to discuss training options for your group, please contact Mandy Little at or 403-220-5465.

Upcoming Training

Community Helpers Training

Date: February 22, 23, & 24
Time: 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

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Community Helpers Customized Training