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Graduate College ends busy year with search for new members

Applications close April 28 for new round of grad student and postdoc positions across all faculties and disciplines
April 26, 2017
Eric Donovan, Department of Physics and Astronomy, speaks during the panel discussion. Photo by Jonathan Yang, University of Calgary

Eric Donovan, Department of Physics and Astronomy, speaks during the panel discussion. Photo by Jonathan Yang, University of Calgary

The Graduate College at the University of Calgary is winding down the 2016-17 academic year by searching for a new complement of graduate students and postdocs to fill out its ranks for the upcoming year.

In the second year of a three-year pilot project, the College doubled its numbers and impact this year. Currently, the College consists of 51 graduate and postdoctoral members from across the university. The College was founded with the vision to connect, enrich, and energize the various communities it serves. Largely student-led with the guidance of faculty and a steering committee that includes members of the University of Calgary community and the civic communities surrounding campus, the College encourages graduate student scholars to share their time, interest, and research beyond campus borders.

The College recently celebrated its accomplishments this year with a public showcase and panel discussion at the Alberta Children's Hospital on March 27. The showcase featured representative displays of various activities the College participated in throughout the year, including:

  • A mini basketball shooting fundraiser for the Syrian Refugee Support Group (whom the College volunteered with throughout the year)
  • Panel discussion from September on resiliency consisting of representatives from the Calgary Police, Canadian Red Cross, the Calgary Emergency Management Agency, and the University of Calgary’s Faculty of Social Work
  • Volunteering at the annual Beakerhead catapult competition and Inn from the Cold’s Santa’s Village gift giveaway for underprivileged families
  • Organizing a speaker series at the Trinity Lodge Retirement Community consisting of College members presenting their research to residents.

Attendees of the panel discussion learned of the advantages of social media for encouraging collaboration, such as in citizen-led science, and the risks to families and community that can come with society’s obsession with technology. Hosted by College member Luis Wellbanks, the panel featured Blackfoot Elder Casey Eagle Speaker, Aboriginal resource co-ordinator at the Hull Services; Eric Donovan, Department of Physics and Astronomy; Shirley Steinberg, professor of critical youth studies; Suzanna Crawford, Graduate College scholar specializing in youth addictions; and a youth member to give a teenage perspective on the issue.

The College is seeking new members from across all faculties and disciplines. Students are invited to apply for one of the open graduate scholar or postdoc positions available. Eligible graduate scholars are any student in a Master’s, PhD, JD, MD, or DVM program. Students should submit applications to the College website before April 28, 2017.