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Gym club gets surprise visit from the Prime Minister

Being in the right place at the right time leads to memorable moments
January 30, 2017

It’s not every day that the Prime Minister of Canada shows up on your doorstep.

But that’s exactly what happened on Jan. 24 as about 50 members of the University of Calgary Competitive Gymnastics Club  were working out in their training gym — just ahead of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s town hall on campus.

Someone figured out that Prime Minister Trudeau might soon be walking past the door to their gym as he entered the building and greeted people assembling for the town hall.

Athletes, coaches, and parents leaped into action. The mother of one athlete stationed herself at Ground Zero, the gym door. Another mom volunteered to be the designated photographer. The athletes sat in format in the center of the gymnasium, waiting for a possible memory they won’t soon forget.

It worked. Ground Zero Mom caught Trudeau’s attention and hastily invited him to have his picture taken with Canada’s next Olympians. “They’re all ready and assembled!” she announced, directing his attention into the gym.

The athletes inside waved politely and shouted for him to join them, which he did for the next three or four minutes.

Thank you Mr. Trudeau for making an exciting evening for so many!

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