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Share your voice and help shape the future of your university
October 31, 2016
Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to share their thoughts at the Energize Eye High roving booths. Photo by Riley Brandt, University of Calgary

Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to share their thoughts at the Energize Eye High roving booths. Photo by Riley Brandt, University of Calgary

EDITOR’S NOTE: The community consultation for Energizing Eyes High is now complete. Thank you to everyone in the campus community who took part. Read the UToday article about the wrap-up of the consultation process, or view a slideshow summarizing the results of all 11 online polls.

Limited space is still available in the Nov. 2 focus group session to energize Eyes High. Join the more than 548 members of the university community who have shared their ideas on the future of the university by registering for a focus group today. The last of 18 focus groups is scheduled for Nov. 7.

Members of the campus community are invited to leave a video message as part of the roving booth in the Taylor Family Digital Library. 

Last week 42 students won a free lunch for participating in the online survey and focus groups. Winners can pick up their $10 Mac Hall food vouchers in MLB 325 on Mondays and Fridays until Nov. 18.

Nearly 2,500 people have completed the online survey, many taking the time to provide detailed comments:

  • “Ensuring the university funds are being used effectively and the professors are excellent teachers, rather than individuals who simply just want to do research,” wrote one survey respondent.
  • “Focus should be shifted more to student experience and campus engagement as opposed to paper count,” wrote another respondent.
  • “I really think the formation of the strategic plan and the subdocuments is wonderful. They are what we are/should be good at and [most] importantly, are strategic but also inclusive rather than exclusive,” wrote a third respondent.

More than 2,000 people have participated in the online polls over the past five weeks.

Take a few minutes to watch the Energizing Eyes High video and be inspired by President Elizabeth Cannon speaking about the origins of Eyes High, where we are heading and why it’s important to participate in the consultation process.

Five ways to engage

There is still time to participate. You can choose one or more of the Energizing Eyes High consultation opportunities that work best for you. 

  • Register for one of 18 campus focus groups for students, faculty, staff, and Board and Senate members* (Register for the table topic you are most interested in.) Special focus groups are also being offered in some faculties and departments — watch for local invitations. For example, nearly 200 people participated in a focus group during the recent Provost’s Town Hall, and the Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Social Work and Faculty of Medicine will be offering special sessions for academic staff.
  • Complete the online survey
  • Visit a roving booth and record a video message
  • Take the weekly poll in UToday or on the website
  • Send a comment to

* Special focus groups and surveys are being offered for alumni and external community members. Interested in learning more about these opportunities? Email

Anyone who attends a focus group or completes an online survey is eligible to enter a draw for one of 10 iPad Pros. Students are also eligible for weekly draws for $10 Mac Hall food vouchers, with a 50% chance of winning.

What happens next?

Feedback will help focus UCalgary priorities and impact funding decisions going forward. Once the consultation feedback is collected and analyzed, a refined strategic direction will move through our governance bodies — the General Faculties Council and the Board of Governors — before it is launched in spring 2017.

Learn more

Check out the Energizing Eyes High website to learn more and to engage in the consultation opportunities. Questions and general feedback? Email