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March 28, 2015

A unified approach to brain and mental health research

One in three Canadians will be affected by a brain or nervous system illness, disorder or injury in their lifetime. More than 200 researchers at the University of Calgary are making a global impact in this area, unlocking discoveries and innovative new treatments. Led by the Hotchkiss Brain Institute, the university unveiled the Brain and Mental Health Research Strategy Wednesday to unify and support their work. UToday highlights the new strategy and the far-reaching impact of our interdisciplinary research efforts.

University announces new Brain and Mental Health Research Strategy Framework lays foundation for an accelerated, multidisciplinary approach to finding health-care solutions
Team probes 'upstream' mental health challenges Brain and behaviour research emphasizes prevention of mental health disorders
Researchers unite to tackle neural injury and repair Integrated team explores the brain’s response to concussion and traumatic brain injury
NeuroTeam brings a multi-faceted toolkit to problem of dementia Scholars in healthy brain aging address a complex and urgent issue
Stimulating the brain to improve motor control NeuroTechnologies are transforming the diagnosis and treatment of neurological diseases

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