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What is USRI?

Universal Student Ratings of Instruction (USRI) is the course evaluation survey used at the U of C to collect student feedback on university credit courses.

Why USRI Surveys?

Results provide information to help with:

  • Evaluating instructor performance
  • Enhancing teaching methods
  • Selecting courses

The University recognizes that "there should be regular and systematic evaluation" of courses, and that "students are an essential source of insight into effectiveness of educators." (USRI Reports and Recommendations, 1998).

Learn more about USRI >>more 

When are USRI Results Published?
Fall: > Jan. 15th
Winter: > May 15th
Spring and Summer: > Sept. 15th

How Students Fill Out Online USRI Surveys > instructions

How to Access USRI Results: 
Students > instructions
Instructors > instructions
Administrators > instructions
Deans/Dept Heads > instructions

Did you know?

  • USRI surveys are anonymous
  • USRI paper and online surveys are conducted during the last few weeks of classes
  • USRI results are available early in the following term
  • Students may access USRI results from their Student Centre (via course selection)